View Full Version : 1978 DSR Stippich Owned By Jon Walters

Ron Hill
05-16-2006, 09:22 AM
Well the 1978 Stippich DSR that Carl built for Harold Barnes and I bought from Craig is finally finished and ready to run. I redid bottom, replaced sides, rear side decks, fabric deck, some frames and stringers, and rebuilt transom up to it's original 13" height. Painted trim in Stippich Blue and used graphics to mimic my 1969 Stippich DSR Quack that has since been cut up and made a pointed nose and resides somewhere in Northern Wisconsin.
I plan to use my "real" 55-H and a 55 H Fishing block "Challenge" motor I have had Jerry rebuild for me at Vintage races, a fast boat ride, and maybe fill in if needed at some DSR races if they need a extra boat to have enough to run when I'm at races where I'm racing my DeSilva CSR and Yamato 302. Regards, Jon

Just send me these pictures in March, just getting them posted.

It was always a thrill to look over your should and see a "DUCK BILL" coming...It was never fun following one!!!