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john miffco
01-11-2007, 11:30 AM
any body out there remember the land and sea turbos that they made for o/bs?
or ever seen 1 run?
i went out to scott eines shop the other day
if anybody remembers him he used to race mod vp in the early 80,s with dave barnett,
he has land on lake livingston with an air strip,and a full blown aviaton shop and hangers,he builds and repairs airplanes,made his own gas tubine engine from a starter motor for a scaled plane he built
amazing to see what comes out of his mind

anyways he used to build his own version of a mod vp boat ,jack plates,props
we went through his storage container of his old boat stuff

he had 1 of those turbos,,,that was played with in the mid 80s
and of course he had to make mods to it,,,,needed more booost,added an intercooler inside the intake box,,it even has an air plunger after the turbo to dump exhaust above the water at high rpms

thought it was a real cool item and had to bring it home with me
and you know it will be going on a motor,,,,,,,

also got some old boat air brakes he made,
ron will like this,,some homeade props that they machined from stock mat

was real cool to see the stuff he built back then
and what he builds now

if anybody out there ever ran 1
give some input,,,was told they only made 5 of them

01-12-2007, 05:44 PM
Neil Holmes from the UK built one around the late 80's. He said it was one of the scariest things he had ever driven and he was really handy in a boat. We looked at building one for UK MOD VP but went for the Land & Sea big bore conversion instead. You could try and track down Gordon Sutherland in the UK who worked with Neil for a while last I heard he was a race official on the UIM F1 circuit. If you ever get it running let me know and I'll send you a new pair of pants.

01-12-2007, 07:08 PM
John - I worked for "Smilin Jacks" marina north back in the 1990's. The owner of the buisness played with all sorts of cool 2 stroke bolt ons. One of his projects was the Land and Sea Turbo. He made some changes to his set-up to make the unit more dependable and tuneable. The unit was sitting in the attic of his buiesness when I worked for him collecting dust. He lost interest and went on to other projects but I know he had some very fast times in the Hydrosteam he was running it on. If your serious about doing a project like this I can PM you his ph. #.

john miffco
01-13-2007, 11:14 AM
this 1 here is made for the omc crossflow
i was around scott back then when he worked it

its main downfall was the crossflow turned up around 7,500
and the main boost came in around 5,500=6,000
so with boat around 80 and aired out,,,,it would excell harder and change boats attitude,,,,not a good thing,,,,,

so he started adding more boost for low rs and wasting it out on uppers
got more controllable and after the intercooler was added it was crisper

im a merc person since the early v-6 came out
and always wanted to get the ex divider for a merc and build my own intake plenium
i ran unlimited o/b,,,,and ran alky with nitrous,,,so never messed with it
so it has been shelved for the last 15 yrs

so i have a bud thats getting it
hes a long term omc guy
and he is to put it on and run it
we just want to see it back in use
will post photos when it gets on and running