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Muscatine Boat Show
01-27-2007, 10:21 PM
This morning I talked with Paul Christner and what a joy. He had heard about an event we are having this year, and checked out the event website. He wanted me to let you know that he supports our upcoming event, and would like all of you with hydros or Quincy Loopers to load them up and come to Muscatine on May 19th for a good time. Paul is going to write me an update on some of his past and I will also post it to the event website at www.muscatineboatshow.com.

The past couple of years my wife and I have been to Quincy for their boat show in September. At last year's show many people said that we should have a show at Muscatine since we are centrally located in the US and just upstream on the Mississippi. So this year we are having our inaugural event and calling it "That Was Then, This Is Now." The City of Muscatine has invested millions into their 2 mile long riverfront park and we are having a combination show of antique woodies, fiberglassics, and racing boats from the past, present, and the future. The city and business and corporate sponsors are committed to make this event an annual kick-off to your boating season for years to come.

I have also secured permitting from the COE, DNR, and Coast Guard for closing the river down for racing exhibitions on the river. This will be an exhibition only this year for testing. There will be APBA vintage hydros and drag boats at this time making exhibition passes on the river. Let me know if you are interested in a spot of time to make some runs with your hydros. Next year the event will be expanded to 2 or 3 days depending on interest from you the boater.

Art Neadeck , a past Quincy racer who invented the secondary use of his Looper motors, the "Quincy Looper Snowblower", is bringing up his Quincy Memorabilia Museum on Wheels. If you have never seen his tribute, it is worth the trip alone. I met Art at the Quincy show and he is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Check out the website at www.muscatineboatshow.com.

I have also talked to Bill Seebold and he remembers when it used to be St Louis, Quincy, Muscatine, and Clinton as part of the racing circuit in the 40s', 50s, and 60s' Actually Muscatine was the first site of power boat racing on the Mississippi on July 4th, 1908. Due to that we want to put Muscatine back on the map for the start of your baoting season.

I am personally inviting you to come to Muscatine on May 19th, 2007 for a weekend of fun and a chance to get together with many of your friends. Our event committee has secured reduced rates at the area motels, but rooms are limited. All of the lodging information is also on the website. Entry fees are 39 cents for a stamp if you mail them in, or FREE for those who register on-line. Those bringing boats should pre-register on the website or send entries to:

Dave Moritz
225 Iowa Ave
Muscatine, IA 52761

What kind of boats are we looking for? If you have a racer (vintage hydro, current hydro, drag boat, kneeler, woodie, fiberglassic, cedar strip canoes, or old aluminum with a vintage outboard you belong with our group. Check out some of the boats already registered and if you match the mold send in a registration. Please preregister so we make sure we have space available and can lay the areas out before you get there. We have many activities planned for the weekend so again let us know if you are coming. We promise you will not be disappointed.