View Full Version : Wally Granberg

Jeff Akers
12-04-2007, 12:09 PM
I have been in contact with the daughter of Wally Granberg. She is looking for any info from anyone who may remember him.....He raced in California in the 50's mostly Nor-Cal ?.....She sent me some photo's and some history ....He set the FIVE mile record in ASH on Aug 28 1955 at Ocean Lake OR.

I spoke to my dad about him and he did remember that the two of them traded divisional championships in a two year span 1955-56 ( he's not clear on the dates ) also he remembered Wally showing up at Kilo's at Lake Orick CA in 1956 with a "tractor" lower unit....aperantly wally was testing it the day before and was unsatisfied with the performance so he went home...

My dad also said Wally was fast and always tinkering with new ideas but kinda stayed to himself on race day....

If anyone remembers Wally please post it here:cool: