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Original Looper 1
01-29-2008, 01:38 PM
For those that have been asking, we're getting ready to launch the new Quincy Welding/Quincy Looper web site VERY soon. We've been busy scanning hundreds of pictures, pages from Rooster Tails & old race programs, etc and all of that takes time. (It may take years to get everything scanned and loaded as a good race buddy of mine sent me 2 huge boxes of old racing memorabilia.) The new site will be something different from BRF. I will still have a home here at BRF for Quincy Welding and will still be posting here, so you will soon have 2 great web sites for Quincy information!


Paul A Christner

01-29-2008, 06:37 PM
Paul, I have 5 issues of Roostertails scanned, if it would save you time I could forward them to you.

I might have 15 or 20 Roostertails issues not yet scanned. Right now I'm working on scanning old issues of Motorboating Magazine

To get rid of that checker boarding effect on some of the images make sure your scanner setting is set to "descreen". Descreening makes the printed words a little fuzzy, but eliminates the checker boarding; so you may have to switch back and forth to get the best results depending on whether any particular page has pictures or only print.