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03-08-2008, 06:47 PM
1989: EVINRUDE V8 - "Assault on the Record" Video: Part 1 of 2


1989: "Assault on the Record" Video: Part 2 of 2


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1966: EVINRUDE V4 - Starflite IV Video: Part 1 of 2


1966: EVINRUDE V4 - Starflite IV Video: Part 2 of 2


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1960 : EVINRUDE V4 - Starflite III Video


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1960 : EVINRUDE V4 - Starflite Too Video


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2008 : Official EVINRUDE 100th Anniversary Commemoration Video - 1909 thru 2008


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03-09-2008, 06:55 AM
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to preserving the heritage of OMC outboards. Most of all thank you for sharing it with us!!

Excellent video's!:)

Allen J. Lang
03-09-2008, 07:29 AM
Kenneth- From your postings on BRF, I think you are doing a bang up job. Thanks for keeping us informed with your OMC history coverage. :)
Ye Olde Desert Geezer :cool:

03-09-2008, 09:18 AM
Having seen a significant number of those engines when they were brand new, you brought goose bumps to my skin. Great job, keep it up. Evinrude will soon overrun the black pack as they did through the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

04-02-2009, 08:12 PM
Here are some shots of the Evinrude’s 1975 Starflight attempt from the National Enquirer that I have saved all these years. Hubert Entrop and a few other key folks present for the Starflight IV run were not here for this one. Same boat - new bigger hp motor. Note that these shots make it clear that Gerry Walin never touched anything but the water – but I spent a lot of months with him in the hospital after this one. Broken spine, ruptured aorta, broken angle, and more. When you fall out at 150mph, I guess you have to expect to get hurt.

I always wondered where the film for this run ended up.


04-03-2009, 05:32 AM
Thankyou Mark for this sad but significant post. I am so sorry that the outcome for Jerry was not more positive. He lived for the sport he so loved.

The interesting part was that this was an OMC V4 motor & 160mph would have truly shaken up the Outboard World at that time. Subsequently in 1989 the record was push to where it is today, 176.556mph with V8 & undoubtedly could have been closer to 200mph which is what they were aiming for.

Below is one of my posts regarding Second Effort. A new friend of mine, Phil Myrna Shakesby, worked for Second Effort, OMC's Racing Arm, in 1989. He now lives in Australia has just sent me some pictures, one of which shows the gearcase which was part of the V8 that set the record. It is to the right of his head. The interesting part is that it had overdrive gears, no skeg AND NO water pickups. The boat was steered by rudders, one of which was torn off during the attempt, after it hit a water fowl. The picture is below.

PS: It also DID NOT have a water pump!!!!

Click on this picture to reveal the complete album on my website.

http://inlinethumb59.webshots.com/45050/2564201960101354590S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2564201960101354590yfNaaR)
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