View Full Version : Dr. James W.Sutherland

Gene East
04-27-2008, 06:29 AM
The obituary section of today's Quincy paper includes a very memorable non-racing customer of Quincy Welding. Dr. James W. Sutherland.

Dr. Sutherland was born and educated in Scotland. He immigrated to the USA in 1966 and specialized in urology until his death at the age of 86.

"Doc" treated me for kidney stones and male infertility problems. I have since fathered 6 children. I guess he knew his medicine!

What I remember most about "Doc" is his love for boating. He bought a boat and motor from Quincy Welding and we did all the maintenance work for him.

He was a frequent visitor at 5th & State.

One day he was discussing crime and criminals with Lucille Oshner (Quincy Welding's "Girl Friday") and me.

Doc suggested castration would be a great deterent to violent crime. Apparently Lucy and I looked a little shocked at the gentle doctor's statement and he repeated in his Scottish accent, " That's correct, castrate the bastards, and as a licensed urologist; I will gladly donate my services as "public de-nutter"!

This country could use a few more good men like Dr. Sutherland.

Rest in peace "Doc". You served your adopted country well and you made your native Scotland proud with your service in RAF.

You will be missed!