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Ron Hill
09-06-2008, 10:00 AM
Subj: racing on Mono Lake

Hi Russ,

We spent last week on the east side of the Sierra. I stopped at the museum in Lee Vining, but also went to the museum in Bridgeport. They have a lot of the old newspapers from Mono County in their archives. I found a copy from August 8, 1940 that had an article about the races on Mono Lake. I had the docent copy it for me and scanned the copy. I hope it's not too large a file for you. You may recall some of the names in the results. At that time I was almost 1 year old and living in upstate NY. There were a couple of photos of Harold Ashley in the April 2006 Antique Outboarder.

Bob Myers

Subj: Re: racing on Mono Lake

Russ answers:


Thank you so much. Many of those names I more than recognize, I remember them well.

Remember, I was born in '33 and this was 1940; however, I must comment. I only remember the names, I don't remember knowing the person:
Harold Ashley
Norris Dutcher (won the 1946 divisionals)
Paul Stanley
Orville Brisban--Chis Briz

But Names like:
Fred Hauenstein were household names. I saw his wife at Bakersfield a few months ago. Never raced against him, but raced against his son. His nephew was racing at Chowchilla.

Raced against Frank Nunes a lot of times. Ward Angelly from Daly City, the "Daly City Kitty" I raced against frequently. He was written up in a 1936 Popular Mechanics.

The Doctor, Espy Hall, I used to draw pictures of his boat when I was in the kindergarten. He came to a race many years later and waded in the water to introduced himself and helped me get started. I was shaking so bad from meeting a lifetime hero, I couldn't crank my engine.

The Commodore of the NCOA (Northern California Outboard Assn) Wagner--Henry Wagner from Fresno was an old boat racing buddy I raced against a lot.

That Pacific Coast Championship mentioned was what I said I had won in 1948 (60 years earlier) with the engine I showed at Chowchilla.

Thanks a lot for the info---it brought back a lot of memories.


Does that Mark Twain affair still exist??? If so maybe we should attend

Ron Hill
09-06-2008, 10:03 AM
This Ralph must have been the Ralph Lambert's, who still races, dad.

Old Fred Hauenstein, 1940...from Exeter...before they moved to Kingsburg.