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10-27-2008, 02:52 PM
Congratulations to the Owner/Driver John Roth and Driver John Lane Boat # 48, Harbor City, CA on their overall win of the Blue Water Resort & Casino '300' Enduro presented by Nordic Boats, Bud Light, Frank Marrone & Son's Plumbing, The Solder Joint, Bingham Equipment Rental, Mike Follmer Specialties. The winning time for the 60 lap race was 4 hours 13 minutes and 3.99 seconds!! The near perfect weather and water conditions helped make this years event so spectacular. The teams from every type of boatracing (Drag, Offshore, Water Skiing, and Circle) converged on the mighty Colorado and did battle all day long.

On behalf of the RPM RACING ENTERPRISES, I would like to thank the following sponsors whose support is what continues to allow me to put on this race. A big THANK YOU to Randy Davis and the entire NORDIC BOATS staff who came on this year as a presenting sponsor of the event. Thank you to Chip Romer of ROMER BEVERAGE of Kingman, AZ and BUD LIGHT for supporting this great event! To Ben Marrone and the entire Marrone Family and crew for always being one of the biggest supporters and sponsors of this event. Thank you! Also, thank you to Ernie Pack of Bingham Equipment Rentals of Parker, Rick Fuscardo of Parker Oil, The Solder Joint, Orange, CA, for our Radio Communications, and Mike Follmer of Mike Follmer Specialties, Fountain Valley, CA for all of your hard work behind the scenes. A big Thank you to Ron Hill and Ted March for posting this on the boatracingfacts.com site.

Last, I would like to thank the staff and volunteers of whom without this race doesn't happen: John Castelli-Chief Referee, Brian Wilson-Flagman, Doug Rea-Pit Manager, Roger Carr and Dennis Burns-Inspectors, Ann Hoban, La Juan & Bruce Pedro, Jeannie Doidge, Debbie Pryor, Yvette Tuitt, Kelly Poe, Laurie Dunlap, Miss Ally and the rest of the scoring staff, Pat Hoban -official timer, Jay Littlejohn-Operations Manager and Risk Manager, Larry Sebben and the entire Team Rescue, and now all of the patrol boats and volunteers- Ken Slota, Buddy Garcia, Jerry Valentine, Rick Barton, Denny Scales and the rest of the volunteer patrol boats who insure this race happens year in and year out! I could not have done it without you all. Note; If I have left anyone out, I apologize, it was not done purposely.
Last to Rod Zapf and Ted Kolby - Thank you for all of your hard work with the rules and getting the posters and promotions done!

The following is the results by Division:
(Note: I am waiting for the certified overall results to be emailed shortly, I will post immediately, sorry for the delay.)

Division I:
1st - Mark Moyle/Louis Schindler/Richard Hammond, #402, Burley, ID
2nd- Jerry Cotter/Andrew Cotter/Eric Perea, #110, Norco, CA
3rd- Roger Finney/David Carrasco/Toby Clark, #288, Lake Havasu City, AZ
4th- Terry Valore/Ralph Brunt, #59, West Covina, CA

Division II:
1st- Darren Sousamian/Aaron Sirounian, #44, Hacienda Heights, CA
2nd- Jim Best/John Best/ Skip Ewing, #145, Pinon Hills, CA
3rd-Ken Bewick/Chris Bewick/Dave Sammons/Billy Bekenhager/Pat Minegar/Mike Minegar, #E-12, Riverside, CA
4th-Joey Cucci/Rob Devine/Tony Scarlata-Ted Kolby, #24, Playa Del Rey, CA
5th- John Raptis/Steve Yoder/Danny Santoro, #100, Covina, CA
6th-Tyler Stevenson/Dave Daer, #69, Oro Valley, CA
7th- Heath Hiebert/Jack Landers, #369,
8th-Eddie McPheeters/Casey Porter, # 67 Tucson, AZ
9th-Bill Wheeler, #7, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Division III:
1st- John Roth/John Lane, #48, Harbor City, CA
2nd- Rod Zapf/Eric Zapf, #88, Manhattan Beach, CA
3rd- Joe Abellera/Brian Murphy/Kelly Dunn, #555, Lake Havasu City, AZ
4th- Frank Doerfler Jr./Brian Murphy #35, Lake Havasu City, AZ
5th- Patrick Bowman/Tony Scarlata- Ron Hill, #38, Tustin, CA

Division IV:
1st- Mark Durham/Greg Foster #19, Parker, AZ
2nd- John Doherty/Raymond Brennan/Erin Pilkay- Kelly Ireland #70, Oakley, CA
3rd- Tim Herbst/Kurt Schoen, #119x, Las Vegas, NV
4th- Ross Wilson/Raymond Brennan/Billy Dunsmore- Nordic Boats, #373, Lake Havasu City, AZ
5th- Rob Edinger/Carl Johnson, #81, Irvine, CA

Division V:
1st- Doug Peters/Tim Chistianson/Brett Spielman, #2, Phoenix, AZ
2nd- Chris Benjamin/Jim Louis/Jerry Ray #660, Mesa, AZ
3rd- Gary Hairabedian/John Franklin, #17, Whittier, CA
4th- Chuck Sousamian/Gene Welters # 78, Whittier, CA
5th- Ben Marrone/Paul Grichar/Dave Sammons #151, Arcadia, CA

Division VI:
1st- Chad Hill/Tony Scarlata, #9, Costa Mesa, CA
2nd- Don Isaparro/Jeff Mortis/Steve Dennison, #514
3rd- Quemene Perea/Daniel Smith/Steve Dennision #93, Lake Havasu City, AZ
4th- Al Stoker/Greg Foster- Fred Bowden, #34, Monrovia, CA
5th- Jim LaRicca/Roger Martin/Barry Black, # 45, Hanford, LA

Division VII:
1st- Stevie Davis/Justin Soller/Justin - Nordic Boats, #73, Lake Havasu City, AZ
2nd- Randy Davis/Dennis Hall/Billy Dunsmore- Nordic Boats, #191, Lake Havasu City, AZ
3rd- Bob Tjerrild/Stephen Tjerrild/Bill Tjerrild, #454, Salinas, CA
4th- Rick Roleau, #252, Shreveport, LA

Overall Results 2008 Blue Water Resort & Casino '300' Enduro:

1st- #48 Div. III 60 Laps Jon Roth John Lane John Roth Harbor City, CA
2nd-#19 Div. IV 58 Laps Mark Durham Greg Foster Mark Durham, Parker, AZ
3rd- #9 Div. VI 57 Laps Chad Hill Tony Scarlata Chad Hill Costa Mesa, CA
4th- #44 Div. II 56 Laps Darrin Sousamian Aaron Sirounian Darrin Sousamian Hacienda Heights, CA
5th- #73 Div. VII 54 Laps Stevie Davis Justin Soller Justin Stevie Davis Lake Havasu City, AZ
6th- #191 DIV. VII 53 LAPS Randy Davis Dennis Hall Billy Dunsmore Randy Davis Lake Havasu City
7th- #71 DIV. IV 51 LAPS Raymond Brennan Erin Pilkay John Doherty Kelly Ireland Oakley, CA
8th- #514 DIV. VI 50 LAPS Don Isaparro Steve Dennison Jeff Mortis Don Isaparro
9th- #2 DIV. V 48 LAPS Doug Peters Brett Spielman Tim Christianson Doug Peters Phoenix, AZ
10th- #660 DIV. V 46 LAPS Chris Benjamin Jerry Ray Jim Louis Chris Benjamin Mesa, AZ
11th- #119 DIV. IV 46 LAPS Tim Herbst Kurt Schoen Tim Herbst Las Vegas, NV
12th- #402 DIV. I 46 LAPS Mark Moyle Louis Schindler Richard Hammond Mark Moyle Burley, ID
13th- #93 DIV. VI 45 LAPS Quemene Perea Daniel Smith Steve Dennison Quemene Perea Lake Havasu City
14th- #88 DIV. III 42 LAPS Rod Zapf Eric Zapf Rod Zapf Manattan Beach
15th- #454 DIV. VII 42 LAPS Bob Tjerrild Stephen Tjerrild Bill Tjerrild Bob Tjerrild Salinas, CA
16th- #373 DIV. IV 42 LAPS Ross Wilson Raymond Brennan Billy Dunsmore Ross Wilson Lake Havasu City
17th- #34 DIV. VI 41 LAPS Alan Stoker Greg Foster Fred Bowden Monrovia, CA
18th- #145 DIV. II 39 LAPS Jim Best John Best Skip Ewing Jim Best Pinon Hills, CA
19th- #555 DIV. III 36 LAPS Joe Abellera Kelly Dunn Brian Murphy Joe Abellera Lake Havasu City
20th- #81 DIV. IV 35 LAPS Carl Johnson Rob Edinger Rob Edinger Irvine, CA
21st- #45 DIV. VI 31 LAPS Jim La Ricca Roger Martin Barry Black Roger Martin Hanford, LA
23rd- #24 DIV. II 29 LAPS Joey Cucci Rob Devine Tony Scarlata Ted Kolby Marina Del Rey
24th- #12 DIV. II 29 LAPS Ken Bewick/Chris Dave Sammons Pat/Mike Minegar Ken Bewick Riverside, CA
25th- #100 DIV. II 27 LAPS John Raptis Steve Yoder Danny Santoro John Raptis Covina, CA
26th- #110 DIV. I 23 LAPS Jerry Cotter Andrew Cotter Eric Perea Jerry Cotter Norco, CA
27th- #288 DIV. I 23 LAPS Roger Finney Toby Clark David Carrasco Roger Finney Lake Havasu City
28th- #35 DIV. III 23 LAPS Frank Doerfler, Jr. Brian Murphy Frank Doerfler, Jr. Lake Havasu City
29th- #59 DIV. I 19 LAPS Terry Valore Ralph Brunt Terry Valore W. Ciovina, CA
30th- #69 DIV. II 18 LAPS Tyler Stevenson David Daer Tyler Stevenson Oro Valley, CA
31st- #17 DIV. V 17 LAPS Gary Hairbedian John Franklin Gary Hairbedian Whittier, CA
32nd- #38 DIV. III 13 LAPS Patrick Bowman Tony Scarlata Ron Hill Fresno, CA
33rd- #78 DIV. V 9 LAPS Chuck Sousamian Gene Welters Chuck Sousamian Whittier, CA
34th- #252 DIV. VII 8 LAPS Rick Roleau Rick Roleau Shreveport, LA
35th- #369 DIV. II 8 LAPS Heath Hiebert Jack Landers Heath Hiebert Torrance, CA
36th- #67 DIV. II 8 LAPS Eddie McPheeters Casey Porter Eddie McPheeters Tuscon, AZ
37th- #151 DIV. V 5 LAPS Ben Marrone Dave Sammons Ben Marrone Arcadia, CA
38th- #7 DIV. II 1 LAPS Bill Wheeler Bill Wheeler Lake Havasu City

LeE ss13
11-09-2008, 08:28 AM
That was a Great race. Thanks to Ross and all those who made it happen. I was wondering, will there be any review of the Rules and Class requirements to fine tune parity?