View Full Version : Konig - know what this is?

04-10-2009, 01:17 AM
A new motor has come my way, a racing Konig twin. it has 0322 AGV stamped on the block, and HDR 61550. 550 is repeated on other components. The flywheel has 'KONIG BERLIN 36' cast in. A single anonymous carb, probably konig's home made type, is marked B57 573. If the 0322 is capacity in cc, then this is 19.65 cu.ins, a 'B' class motor - does this make sense? I believe it came off a Swift Big Bee. Will it push my 10ft C/D McCrea 3 pointer ok, or will the boat be too heavy? Don't know yet if it's alky or set up for gas/oil. Any ideas on prop sizes?

04-10-2009, 04:48 AM
You are correct, that is a Konig carb.

Your motor was made in 1961 and is an alky motor, not gas. 550 is the serial number ... the 550th of that series

Master Oil Racing Team
04-10-2009, 06:52 AM
What's with the exhaust system Sam? I never saw anything like that before?

Tim Chance
04-10-2009, 07:15 AM
I raced an engine similar to this in the 60's on a Swift Big Bee. It ran close to 70 mph with alcohol as fuel. It is a deflector piston type as the loop charged B didn't come out until later. It came with 1:1 gears so it will use about the same propeller as a 1:1 Mercury 20H. I can't remember prop size exactly but I think about 6x8. but if the motor has been retrofitted with 12:15 gears it will need about a 7x13.

I have never seen an exhaust like that on a Konig. I wonder if it is homemade? Which makes me wonder if the motor has been converted to run on gasoline. Check the main jet in the carburetor if it has been filled with solder and a small hole redrilled it might be set up for gas. If it is nice big and brass it is fuel. 20:1 mixture of methanol and castor oil. Also the motor does not have a waterpump so it needs to be up to speed to circulate water for cooling.

It should push a 10' Mcrea just fine but I wouldn't recommend it as racing boats and motors are not toys and you can get seriously hurt or killed playing with one.

04-10-2009, 01:03 PM
Thanks guys, you've confirmed that it is a 'B' motor, and it will push my McCrea ok so I'll go ahead with its restoration. Also thank you for the warning shot - I fully appreciate that racing motors have to be treated with respect - I am current chairman of the Classic Motor Boat Association here in the UK, and several of our members are restoring old motors to run on utilities and hydros. Our president is a member of the AOMCI and is a record holder with his Anzani powered hydro. Regarding that weird exhaust, it's probably because of sound regs at a race venue - we have tree huggers and fun police ruining everything in the UK - you guys are really lucky in the USA!