View Full Version : Lon Steven's rare 1100cc 6 cyl Engine

Original Looper 1
05-17-2009, 09:51 AM
Thanks to my friend, David Liebetreu, we now have up on the
www.QuincyLooperRacing.us web site, under Race Legends/ Lon Stevens page, photos of his rare 1100cc 6 cylinder engine built in 1984.

Also added in the last few days are over 40 more photos from Tom Berry's racing photo album from boat races in the 1970's. These include the 1974 National Championships at DePue, IL. We still have a couple of more years of photos from Tom to post, so check back.


Paul A Christner

ps: Please note - this photo is for your enjoyment and is not to be copied or posted to any other web site without my written permission.