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Ron Hill
06-24-2009, 07:15 PM
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Here are several pictures from the Famous Sammamish Slough Race. It is a 14 mile Slough that runs from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington and we used to race up for the first leg, then down for the last leg. They would run the faster classes first down to the slower classes, with 5 minutes between class starts. They ran every class from J Runabout to F Hydro and everything in between. Look at all the spectators lining the edge.

At some places the Slough was only about 20' to 30' wide. Passing was FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The race was run every year from the 1930's to 1976. This race got me and a lot of other people into boat racing.

The race used to kick off boating season in the Northwest. There were several articles over the years in Boat Sport Magazine about this race.


Deano............................................. ............................

I never raced it, always wanted to though...

Thanks, Dean!

Judi Cable
06-28-2009, 10:16 AM
Dear Ron- I never knew you raced The Slough in the day. We at GoSee.TV/boatracing happen to have some video of OPC racing on the Slough from the early '70's when we journeyed from Vancouver, Canada to race. Alot of bridge abutments that were dangerous if you had a steering failure, let alone all the other boats in your class. When I get a chance, I will blow the dust off the footage in our vault, add narration-audio, & post it on this thread.