View Full Version : Roger Wendt's Twin Carbed Anzani - Montana CIRCA 1981

John (Taylor) Gabrowski
05-20-2005, 08:56 AM
When it came to fast versions of B Alkys, Roger Wendt's (Montana (Flathead Lake Area, USA) B Anzani Alky hybrid was one powerful engine with a track record of wins to go with it.

This is the way I came to have her she was Anzani of block and crankcase sporting one big block side Vacturi carb and a smaller Tillotson HL crankcase rotary carb. Had the newer second generation crankshaft and rods. They had dumped the Lucas Magneto in favor of a Phelon setup with aluminum fywheel and Harrison rope plate. She was setup on a steel tube midsection with Merc swivel/clamps and a Konig lower unit. The stacks were Crescent shaped as usual but "free" and spring mounted so as to float the stacks to reduce overhanging weight associated with its cast iron looper block. When I took her apart to overhaul her she had been running on a brazed re-welded engine block so skillfully welded she was run that way for a while and could do that some more! The engine is back together and stored for the purposes of display for the future small boat museum section in my home town where stock, modified and alky racing had a great history for the 1950s through to the 1990s.

Strangely this is the only closeup picture of have of her and will add to that when she is unpacked and goes on permanent display.

I wish to thank Roger Wendt for the engine and I am sure he will be tickeled pink to hear that the engine will be in a permanent museum and historic engine display in the racing section. His name is already enscribed on it as the previous owner/driver and me as simply the restorer and donator.