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Thread: Hal Kelly FooLing plans

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    Default Hal Kelly FooLing plans

    Does anybody know where to look for Hal Kelly's FooLing plans? I've found resources for the Airborne and Jinx (and other Kelly designs), but they all don't comprise the FooLing.
    A lines plan and/or offset table will suffice, cause I'm redrawing these vintage designs in a CAD system. Thank you for your help!

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    Default FooLing planes

    I have a set of planes for you. Cost is $45 US plus shipping cost to Gemany. Let me know if your interested.

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    Default Or Darrell Sorensen


    Or: Phone, 559-665-2690.

    Good Luck.
    Dean Hobart

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    Some weeks ago I've bought the plans of "Foo-Ling" and "Jupiter" from a forum member. Meanwhile Ed Hatch made nearly every Kelly plan available for everyone on his website: A very interesting part of outboard racing history.
    Many thanks to Ed Hatch and to everyone who helped me finding this plans.

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    Default Jupiter Plans

    Does anybody know about the reason for the revised dimensions on the Jupiter Plans. I had one that Bob Spaulding built for me when we both lived in Northern Ohio. He was a modelmaker at NASA Cleveland, Ohio. He now lives and has a business in Safety Harbor, Florida He also built boats for Milly and Kay Harrison. My Jupiter, was I believe, built to the original dimensions. It was exceptionaly good in bad water and still very competive in good water. I raced it in the early 60's in TROA. It ran with the fin mounted as shown in the plans and a converted 20H. I also drove a Foo Ling that Bob built.

    Bill Thomas
    Jupiter 14 S
    Foo Ling 16 S

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    Default Jupiter

    We have a Jupiter for sale on our web site. It was purchased in Philipsburg, MT.
    Old Race Boats Still Flip You Out

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