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Thread: Mercury 25XS in Australia: Any help appreciated.

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    Default Mercury 25XS in Australia: Any help appreciated.

    Hi Guys,

    I am based in Australia.
    After much searching I was able to secure a Mercury 25XS to put on my son's wing boat that we are building.
    I am a boat builder and run my own workshop, which my son is always running around in and always happy to do something.
    So I figured this is something he can do to see a reward for his labor. And also to learn a hands on skill set.

    When we got the motor we realized it was missing the throttle linkage arm as well as the timing advance arm.
    I have been able to fabricate a couple of these from photos.
    It was a bit rough cosmetically but when I ran a camera up inside the motor I found it extremely clean.
    Even the plugs it cam with looked and smelt good.

    We have got it running. It started and ran really well.
    Two pulls and she was firing. So we are really happy with that.
    Not bad for a motor that has sat for several years!

    So now we are going to pull it down to bring it back to showroom condition.

    As this is my first foray into these little motors, we could use some help with the following:

    1. What is equivalent Mercury 25hp power head that this is based on?
    Is it a 25XD?
    You see the problem I have found is that none of my local dealers have a clue about this motor.
    But I am sure if we could give them and equivalent motor with which to look up parts, we shouldn't have a problem getting bits for it.

    2. At some point gearbox on this has been changed out for a Yamato.
    And it didn't come with a prop.
    So does anyone know where we could source either a genuine 25XS gearbox?
    Or at least get a prop to suit the current gearbox?

    3. Does anyone know of anymore components for these motors for sale?
    Or maybe have something they maybe looking to sell? As I would really like to look to keeping a couple of these motors.
    As they are absolutely non existent over here. And I think they are something that should be looked after because of this.
    And what help I have received from guys over here, shows how loved these motors are. No help has been given from dealers you are happy to spend money with.
    However as soon as I started to put out ads to try to find one of these, I had replies and phone calls from people who had previously owned them and wished me all the best
    in finding one. They kept on looking out for one for me, and then followed up once we had phoned one to see how it was going. This was over the course of two years!
    So hence why I would be keen to get them out a seen again over here.

    Incidentally, these are the same people who suggested we post on this forum for help.

    4. What is the cooling system on these motors?
    How does the water pick up/pump work?
    The reason for this question is that since the gearbox has been changed previously, the previous owner has run a hose through the mid section up into the motor.
    And when test running we simply connect a water hose to this hose. But how would this have worked on a boat? Do you think he would have run a pick up of the back of the hull?
    Or even a pump?

    So any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    Best regards,

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