Sunday, December 9, 2012 10:23 AM

Hi Racers...Here's a little something to look at besides rain. First up is word from Jan Shaw on APBA insurance for the coming season. Next is an Ad you'll see in Previews that I've dropped in here because timing might be a little close, and finally a mail from Bob Wartinger concerning an available boat.


From Jan Shaw:

APBA has finalized the 2013 Insurance. We will be again insured by ASICS. There was a 2% increase, but APBA will absorb this rate increase, there will be no increase to the clubs putting races on.
Jan Shaw

From Rita Boddy...She's looking for an enclosed trailer that can carry a lot of motors to the midwest for her son.

Wanted 12’ to 14’ enclosed trailer with ramp, need double axle
for heavy weight traveling across country.

Call Rita Boddy Ph: 425 670 0840 Email:

From Bob Wartinger:

Nick Thompson called tonight. He has a completely finished and rigged C hydo they just finished with all hardware. Composite bottom and girders, etc. (101 pounds w/o the hardware). His customer is now ill and doesn’t want the boat. I told him I would pass the word on to people who might know of someone looking. The urgency is that Howie Nichols is heading to LA in about a week and a half and would get it to the West coast for someone. Nick can be reached at 407-947-8692