I was cleaning up my old motor parts box today and came across an old 15 hp Eska (Ted Williams) carburetor I kept. I once had this motor until the ignition went bad. The parts were a bit high in price so I put it to the wayside. The engine was pretty worn also. I got rid of the motor and kept the carburator. The thing is, this reminded me of the way the engine was made. I remember when I worked on a couple of these a long time ago, that my friend and former racer, John Renfro told me that those motors would have made a real good "A" stock engine.

I am considering doing a project in the future, as to adapt a hotrod lower unit to one of these. Sure would like to see what you guys think of the idea.

Here are the specs and facts about this overlooked yet somewhat amazing little fishing motor.....

: These were made by Techumseh engines and were available in 9.9 and 15 HP. (The 15 is the project motor of choice).

: They were sold as.... Eska, Wizard, Ted Williams, GameFisher, and were made in the 1970s to 80s and were exactly 15 cubic inches.

: They shared the same rods,pistons as the 7.5 HP/ 7.5 cid air cooled single cylinder Techumseh that was rated as high as 7500 RPMs operating range!!!! The 15 was just as capable and had a super strong-solid crank.

: The throttle operated only the carburetor butterfly and nothing else (perfect for a racing set up) and the ignition timing advanced via a centrifugal component under the flywheel independently!!!

: The carburetor was a good size that was equal in inner diameter as the carb on a mark25 mercury. It would flow just as much. That's a lot for a 15.

: The intake was a rotary valve design (center crank journal).

: The engines were cross induction (three intake ports and a big exhaust port) like a loop charged engine and had flat top pistons.

: Although it had a very short stroke and large bore for its size, the crankshaft was quite stout compared to anything else ever made and was good metal.

: It only had solid state ignition.

: It had steel rods and rollers throughout except for the rotary valve center.

: It was as light as a Hotrod in weight and was a high revving, strong little runner as a fishing motor.

Tell me what yall think of this with a quickie, OMC, or Hotrod gearcase fitted on it. Think it would run with the OMC 15 racers out there? I haven't built this yet. THANKS!!