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Thread: Urgent - please help!

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    If you had both motors, the 40 and the 50 to compare, I think you would be disappointed of the little gain you would get with the 50.
    Don't feel like you've been shafted and enjoy the 40 that you have, they are good motors, I've played that game before and the only
    time you would see a noticeable difference is on a real performance hull.

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    I totally agree with above.
    it will be perfect for your boat if its a 40hp, great little engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by filthy phill View Post
    I totally agree with above.
    it will be perfect for your boat if its a 40hp, great little engines.
    Sorry for the lack of replys - been busy this last week or so!

    I was going to leave it as a 40 - but the seller contacted me a few days ago and has actually sent some carbs and a tuner for a 50 as a way of apology - really nice guy!

    not certain on quite what the plan will be now.. but whilst I'm considering things... will the later, more square carbs fit my '88 engine? (it has the earlier carbs with triangle plates on top - see pictures below!)

    I'm thinking the choke mechanism is different on the later design of carb - can't see any choke butterflys' and there is something attached to the side of the carbs - is this an enrichment setup or something?

    *EDIT* - It would appear that the thottle linkage works the other way around to mine - new carbs are pull (down) to open and the old ones are Pull (up) to open.. need to know if the cam assembly can be made to work the other way then?

    Also, the later carbs ran with a different reed valve assembly - (least the part number is different) - should this matter?


    Choke setup on my engine as it is:

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    New carbs:

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