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Thread: My Wife, Laurie B. Stern is an Optometrist in Brea, California

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    Default My Wife, Laurie B. Stern is an Optometrist in Brea, California

    10/19/2019 Laurie B. Stern Vision Care I 714-257-0598/99 Brea, California

    I met Laurie almost ten years ago now. We have been happily married for almost 9 years now. She has had her own business for almost 27 years, now in Brea.

    She has lots of business and quite a few of my boat racing friends use her services.

    Most of her customer are referral business, so she doesn't advertise very much or at all.

    I watch people, when they look at my business card, if their arms are too short, I always give them Laurie's business card.

    Because I have glaucoma and have had it for more than 20 years, I have learned the value of regular eye exams. Glaucoma is treatable, untreated can lead to blindness.

    You don't have to go to my wife for an exam, but if you haven't had a recent eye exam, consider doing it soon. Not because you need glasses, but to see what condition your eyes are in.
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    Starting last February, I contracted a condition that led to 7 months of off and on acute pain 8 doctors and numerous blood, muscle, brain, and organ tests to see what was wrong with my body. Every organ, bone, tissue, and blood test showed I had no problems, yet the inflammation level in my blood was off the charts. No doctor could figure out what was wrong. One doctor suggested I try to see a specialist at the University of Texas Medical Center in San Antonio where they see a lot of weird stuff. It is a research center and doctors from all over the world, and students study a lot of medical problems. You have to submit an application with a summary of what is going on. They present it to a board to see if they will accept you. I applied in June of last year. Two months later, I got accepted. My appointment is next month, and although I was finally diagnosed correctly, I am keeping the appointment because it took so long to get in and I want to see what the neuromuscular doctor has to say about any future problems. But here is why I am posting this. All these doctors and tests did not achieve any results. When I went to my opthomoligist regarding a tear or a hole in the retina of my right eye that he was monitoring, I told him that 10 days earlier I lost most of the vision in my left eye. An optometrist told me he thought it was stress and headache releated because my vision would come and go. The loss would last for three to four or five minutes then return. When I told the retina specialist about this, he asked several questions, one of which did I have any jaw pain. I told him I did back in February and had a tooth pull in March. The pain disappeared for 4 or five days, then came back with a vengeance. He thought about it for a minute or two then told me I had temporal arteritis. He immediately called my primary physician from the exam room and told him I had to get on 60 to 80 MG of Prednisone that same day. I was totally bummed out because I was trying to get off that stuff. The opthomolagist told me that Prednisone was the world's best drug, and the world's worst drug. It is a wonderful pain killer, but has some very bad side effects. Anyway, he saved me from becoming totally blind. I was probably within a few days of oxygen starvation in my eyes because of the giant blood cells cutting off the oxygen in the small capillaries. Of all the doctors I was going to, the only one to figure out my problem was the only one not in the loop. My eye doctor. To be fair, I did not have the symptoms associated with the disease which is still not understood as to the cause. But this eye doctor from India must have had some experience or a very great memory or diagnostic skill. Had my diagnosis been even three weeks earlier I would still have vision in both my eyes. I have learned since that many health problems can be seen in what you find in an eye exam. Get your eyes checked routinely. Until you lose your vision, you don't think about the blessing you have and take it for granted. Afterwards, your whole life changes.

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