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    Default November 1974

    Pages 9-16
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    Default December 1974

    Here is the December 1974 issue , the caption says that is Johnny Dortch leading the field on the cover, here are pages 1-10.
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    Default December 1974

    Pages 11-20 of the Decemeber 1974 issue.
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    I had not read this issue in many years Dale. Maybe close to forty years. But I recognized the cover instantly. It was taken by my cousin John Lacey from the pits of the Pan American Championships held in front of my Dad's house at Barbon Estates on Lake Corpus Christi. The second place boat I think is Ashley Lawrence from Dallas, but there's no mistaking the blurred MX237 on the cowling of my third place boat.

    The full page ad bought by the Alice Rifle Club was written by Baldy Baldwin, and APBA did not bat an eye about taking the money and placing the ad. However, there was a negative response to some people that don't understand firearms, and why being able to own them is important. I have a letter in my file from APBA attorney Harry Smith, Jr. advising my Dad that they would no longer accept ads, money or anything to do with firearms. Now everyone......please don't highjack this thread of Dale's. This happens to be something historical and should be treated as such. I am bringing this out to point out some of the things going on at this time.

    Now to the final part of my comments. I had forgotten that Joe Rome and I had gotten tangled up in the APBA Council at Large contest. I cannot recall exactly what was going on in 1974 other than the "Young Turks" were making their move toward leadership positions. I'm sure my Dad was an instigator in some way of Joe and I being on the ballot, but I will have to think hard about the reasoning. My main point though is that neither Joe nor I sought the office, but just a couple of boys from Texas did not do too bad. But mainly.....I had been racing Lone Star and NOA since 1966. and APBA since 1969. Joe has always been a pit man. I recognize a lot of well known names in the list, but Joe had never been on a roster of any kind. I think that was kind of the beginning of recognizing Joe as a well known, well respected pit man. Of course Joe and I for many years had considered Gene East the most famous pit man of our time.

    So once again, I plead no politics hear. This was just a part of history I knew about to add to the behind the scenes stuff. We can do politics somewhere else.

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    Wayne, thanks for all you do to perpetuate the history of our sport! Thank you for your very positive support of our Constitutional Right to bear arms.
    The "Good Ol' Boys" we know/knew love our shooting sports almost as much as we love boat racing.
    I remember many early morning trips to the duck blind with Jim Schoch before we punched the clock at Quincy Welding!
    Quincy Welding sponsored an Explorer Scout post geared toward small engine & boat repairs.
    Mark Hummelsheim (QW race team member) was one of the Post leaders. Of course many of the Post's activities were boat related, but Mark also taught gun safety and even led some shooting activities.
    I have mentioned before, that the Quincy Jr. High School (Formerly Sr. High School) has a rifle range in the basement. It is still in use today!
    Quincy High School Rifle Team has been winning Shooting Championships for over 75 years. We have at least one current shooter being considered for the US Olympic team!
    By the way, lets not forget some of the finest competition rifles in the world were built by our boat racing buddy, Jerry Simison!
    Didn't intend to be so lengthy, but the ignorant anti-gun nuts piss me off.
    My Dad gave me a .22 rifle when I was 9 years old. He hammered safety into my head!
    I'm now 76 years old and I still have NOT shot anyone!

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    When You need an AR-15 !

    What happens when the Government finally cuts off the welfare and electric from the animals or Terrorist to be ,
    and six or so of them in a gang show up at your front door looking for food and things they can pawn.
    So you hear glass breaking, and when you look out, you see they are armed with guns.
    Here are your options:

    1. A Bible, good luck with that.

    2. A six shooter, maybe you will get one or two.

    3. A shot gun, maybe you will get one or two.

    4. A glock that can jam, then you'll get none.

    5. Call the Cops, takes way to long , say good bye to life.

    6. An A-R 15 with a nice big 15 clip and another spare one. Congratulations, you took out all of them before they could kill you.

    Ultimately The gun debate in this Country is real simple, who in this country is protected by guns and who isn't ? And those who are protected by guns the
    fastest !

    The thugs will always be able to steal guns and commit crimes
    or import them like they now buy illegal drugs almost everywhere brought in to our country by the
    rich good old white boys clan that own the planes trucks, and ships that bring
    the trash into our country and the banks that laundry the money.

    The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But if you take
    out just 4 cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the
    United States is 4th from the bottom, in the entire world, for Murders.

    These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the U.S. ALL 4 of
    these cities are controlled by Democrats. It would be absurd to draw any
    conclusions from this data - right?

    How many people died of crimes in the US last year because they did not have a Gun to defend themselves ?

    You delusional "Libs" bitch on here all the time about what the cops do to the little people with Guns.
    The cops work for the Government, so make up your mind -- are guns only bad when the Government
    and the Illegal Gangsters have them, or not ? How are peace loving, tax paying citizens supposed to defend themselves in a crazy (and getting crazier) world (thanks Hollywood) where it takes up to 30 minutes for a law enforcement officer to respond to a call from a citizen that is being threatened by a violent person with a gun or a knife or other means of lethal weaponry, and they are starting to kick in the door of your car or your house.

    How many gun death crimes have Illegal Mexicans committed last year in the U.S.

    It's a slippery slope. We know now politicians can't be bought and send us into illegal wars, so therefore it's safe to assume we could never have a tyrant as president that would use executive orders to redefine what's constituted as a mentally challenged individual that shouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun.

    When only Gangsters have guns !

    Many people believe That is what the ruling Elite people that control Hobama and Hellary want !

    They want the gangs to do the dirty work of the ruling Elite so the ruling Elite doesn't ever have to bother with the little people

    With that system where only the street gangs below the ruling Elite have the guns at the bottom of society then the little people keep their mouth shut and pay off the gangs and don't dare cause the ruling Elite at the top any problems or else .
    Look how well that system works today for the top ruling elite in third world Countries!

    Billarybama wants the little peoples guns in America
    but she sells
    far more powerful guns to 20 foreign nations that give her kick backs
    nations that America taxpayers will have to send their children off to
    fight and pay for at a later date !
    Pure Evil !

    Compare Ten Big Killers in the United States

    Deaths per year from selected causes, information sources: Centers for Disease Control, FBI and US Federal Government. This information was posted on a chart at the web site a few weeks ago.

    1) Tobacco Use 529,000

    2) Medical Errors 195,000

    3) Unintentional Injuries 118,021

    4) Alcohol Abuse 107,400

    5) Motor Vehicle Accidents 34,485

    6) Unintentional Poisonings 31,758

    7) Drug Abuse 25,500

    8) Unintentional Falls 24,792

    9) Non-Firearm Homicides 16,799

    10) Firearm Homicides 11,493

    Gun registration
    It still is the start of a gun pick up list for Americans

    That thugs and criminals will never go by !

    Just like drugs can be made illegal to stop drug users
    never did work !

    If the Gun grabbers don't want the insane to have guns they should not have let the Damacraps and Republicons in congress vote to give the most powerful guns in the world to the psychopathic W Bush to iillegally invade Iraq and kill millions of innocent people

    What protects the thugs in Congress on both sides of the aisle and Hobama and Hellary, firecrackers?

    And last but not least what do you drugged up Liberals in California think settled your state to become a civil society , why Guns of course you delusional circus barkers !

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