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Thread: Looking for History regarding the Delta 13ft v-bottom race boat (FE, T-Boat) Xcalibur

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    You are welcome. Let me see what else I can dig up. I have a lot on Delta Marine but not necessarily on the 13ft. I would really like to contact Jody Sanders and find out what he knows about G-W Invader and George Wooldridge. Also, I am working on my 75 stinger for the 13ft and need to find out how you guys are setting these boats up. Transom back spacing, height, props, etc. I am not racing it, just running it fast for fun. Really appreciate it!
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    I do not know who popped who's boat but the fact that one of the builders was in Louisiana provides a good clue as to what Danny Critchfield told me. I went to his shop in 1984 to pickup my new cab over boat that he built. Mine was about the fourth one out of the mold. The year before I was racing one of his open deck boats (identical to the boats in the previous pics). We had a good group of about 20 racers in the 75 class in the southeast. Danny told me that there was another big group in Louisiana and mentioned that if we could get all of these people at one race we would have 40 to 50 boats in 75 V bottom class. It sounds like Danny knew that the open deck boats originated there.
    I had a friend that raced in the NOA VX class. He and Danny drove to New York to get an 18' hull that would become my friends VX boat. He and Danny made a deal. My friend let Danny pull a mold off that boat in exchange for Danny cutting down and decking over the VX boat. Later, when Danny built the mold for his Mod-VP one of those hulls was used as the center V of the boat.
    As for the cab over 13's, after Danny died, the mold went to Sun Dance and I think then went to David Lee. After that Jerry Adams in Savannah had them for a while and then some guy in Dublin Ga. You could sell a lot of those boats in the 70's and 80's but it is not very lucrative now.
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