59" Mercury 3/4" carburetor spacer kits. $110 shipped. The first picture on this post is a display of what comes in the kit. (3 spacers, 3 new gaskets, 1 heat resistant HDPE throttle roller wheel, 3 washers used for the proper alignment of the throttle wheel, and the 6 longer bolts you'll need). Carefully remove your carbs so you'll be able to reuse your old gaskets for one side of the spacer.

The front and rear of the spacers will feature a high speed ring grooved finish to allow for a better gasket seal. The inner bore will be left coarse to enhance turbulence and atomization. The outer perimeter of each spacer will have a coarse (unpolished finish as well) Thickness comes in around 3/4" or .725". I didn't choose to go thicker because i didn't want to risk losing signal to the carbs.

*Disclaimer* I am not going to sit here and promise any specific end results. I'm sure the effects will be different when used on a stock motor, lightly built motor, and/or a serious race motor, etc.. I probably wouldn't put them on a stock motor but that's just me. I threw a set on my merc this evening and ran it on the hose but haven't ran them under a load yet. Specifically because I already run an intake manifold spacer and don't think I'd benefit from running both simultaneously.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable reading your plugs and upping jets if need be, then this kit is not for you.

Lastly, I've spoken with multiple mercury outboard racers/builders and some like spacers and some don't. At the end of the day, this is just a simple add on that can potentially work in combination with other modifications, and they look pretty sharp on your motor. Not something thats going to lead to jaw dropping results. (Unless you thread some nitrous nozzles into them) Anyway, I think i covered everything the best I could.
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