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Thread: For Steve Ketzer

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    Default For Steve Ketzer

    Steve was Roger Purtee from Hot Springs part of your crew? We met him at Lake St. Louis at the 1973 A.O.F. Nationals. Very nice guy, he went to the same church as my wife's aunt & uncle who lived on Lake Hamilton. In the photo he is the guy helping us launch with the blue coverall's and Phillips 66 patch on the back. He got me started using Phillips Pier 66 outboard oil. He gave me a six pack and I started using it in all my motors. I knew it had to be good oil because Clyde and Kenny Bayer did a lot of ads for Phillips 66 back in the 70's.boat race.jpeg

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    Roger was one of the original members and founders of the Razorback Boat Racing Club out of Hot Springs, along with Tommy Goslee, Micky McGuire, Bill Henderson, Vernon Ashley, Ed Ketzer and my dad. He wasn't part of the Ketzer Racing Team, but we always pitted next to each other. Roger raced B-Hydro, Merc flathead, and then went to Konig, also B. I think his boat number was L-200. I believe he helped Wayne Baldwin and his dad set up the big race a Diamondhead in Hot Springs. Roger also got into the politics of the AOF. But, yeah, a great guy, always fun and easy to be around. Thanks for reminding me.

    Correction: Roger's boat number was L-220 and named, appropriately, "Jolly Roger."

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    You are right on Steve. My Dad was basically sponsor for a number of big races around the country. When he envisioned some sort of race he was interested in promoting, he figured what location was most likely to have the best water, pits and close enough to the general boat racing population to be a success. And while he was working on that, he contacted local racers in the area to put together a team. I would have to look at the old correspondence to figure out what was what, but I do know that Roger was the point man in the final two races, but in the first one Randy Mangrum was. He was a real estate guy and promoter. I think Roger was one of the guys behind the scenes, along with Tom Goslee and Mickey Maguire in that first race in which Jerry Waldman went to Boat Racers Paradise.

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