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Thread: Some Thoughts About APBA's Rules

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    Default Some Thoughts About APBA's Rules

    1. They have J Class propellers: Someone drives from California to the Nationals to race, 2,300 miles one way. They test with the J Propellers but are given another J Propeller for the race. Driver does not get on plane. 4.600 miles of highway driving to not get on plane. Driver is discouraged! Ya think??

    2. 300 Props are cast by us for Brinkman, but at the price they are made, they aren't quite equal.

    Answer to these two propeller problems: Simple let you run your own prop but make a diameter rule to slow the boats down.

    3. Gearcase Rule: Three things should be measured: 1. "R" measurement 2. skeg width at the bottom of the skeg 3. Skeg length

    4. Transom height have out lived their life. Do away with all transom heights.

    5. Spray shields should be required on any boat that throw the water high than 3 feet in the air. Boats turn just fine without throwing water 25 feet in the air making visibility impossible.

    6. All J and AXS starts should be beach starts until capsules are installed.

    7. Any ignition system should be legal on the 102. Right now the 302 ignition
    system can be used on the 102, but there are none for sale.

    8. Without transom heights, PRODUCTION gearcases will out run racing gearcases if they have bottom water pick ups and nose cones. Allow production gearcases to run with nose cones, in A, AXS, Mod 200 and K Pro. This opens up thousands of 15 HP motors and would open up thousands of eyes.

    9 In A and AXS, if the Mercury is a 15 allow it to run.

    Every Division of APBA has a leader that has an Axe To Grind and usually the AXE he wants ground is so he can win...and APBA SITS ON THEIR ASSES AND WATCH THE WORLD as boat racing circles the drain.

    When all is said little will be done, little will we done!


    A stock gearcase can be made for very little money.

    Salton sea 1947, we'll be back!

    Any OMC 15 should be allowed to run, follow the OMC spec to keep it stock.
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