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Thread: Giving a Bezoat a Second Chance

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    I couldn't go in and put the cylinder head back on as it was. It had bothered me since I did a quick repair last time. Once again there are no 14mm yamato 80 heads available so I needed to fix what I had. Now I'm not much of a welder and I don't own a mill or a lathe so fixing this head the proper way was out of the question. But one of my neighbours does have an old farm lathe and sometimes I have an idea that works. So an old spark plug base and I had a Y-80 squish band grinding tool.
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    So once I had the tool and some grinding compound all I had to do was watch tv and twirl the tool until my squish band stopped resembling the surface of the moon. (yes I'll need to plane the head to get the comp back and ground down the other cylinder to maintain balance).
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    Not perfect but big improvements with this done the motor was ready for action again.

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    With the powerhead buttoned up it was time to address the lower unit.
    When I purchased this motor as a basket case the lower unit was seized to the tower. It required heat, lube, leverage, and luck to remove it. While it turned over smoothly it was letting some water in the oil once put back on so before this summer it was time to learn to rebuild one.
    So I tack welded some bar stock inside pipe then started taking things apart, making sure to keep track of any shims.

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    Some new bearings and seals and one o ring and I felt better about the lower unit.
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    I also took this opportunity to do some light shaping. Because it's legal and I was hoping it would help with cooling which is kind of to be determined as I could only find rough water last summer it seems.
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