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Thread: D quicksilver gearcase tool?

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    Default D quicksilver gearcase tool?

    Hi, I recently picked up a mark 55h clone, I cannot seem to find the D gearcase tailcone nut wrench tool.

    Does anyone know where I can find one?

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    David Van Weele has this repo cone tool and steel pegs not included. These cones were a lot of times over tightened and loctite on the threads per FSM so hope you don't experience that. A reminder the cone threads are lefty tighty righty loosey. I do not use any loctite, I grease the cone treads with #2 grease with Moly and torque to 70 ft lbs (FSM states 100 ft lbs for 20H, KG7 type quicki gear cases, 100 too high) on my 25ss and put a quick look tell tail sharpie mark across the cone and gear case never had issues with loosening and same cone and innards since new in 1973. I always loosening cone when not in use saves threads.

    On the Merc 55H the FSM torque is 150 ft lbs plus Loctite your call, IMO torque too high.

    You can make the cone tool if welding available with a thick wall steel tube and an end thick plate and make a 1/2" drive attachment (could weld on a short 1/2" stub extension) and added steel thickness for the pin access holes, other make options out there.

    Also more complete tool might be available from Frank Erion 269-720-1357 cell 772-398-0522 house email

    I know David and Frank and they are good resources and have bought from them and discussed many things through the years.

    Good Luck Pete Sushinsky
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