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Thread: Meet BRF's New Owner: Alan P. van Weele Sr. is Now at the Helm of BRF

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    Default Meet BRF's New Owner: Alan P. van Weele Sr. is Now at the Helm of BRF

    FYI: Alan P. van Weele Sr. is now the owner of

    It has been a fun 20 plus years, but time to move one and I feel Alan is perfect for continuing BRF.

    Good luck, Alan with BRF and Hydro Racer.

    I'm sure I will continue to post and enjoy BRF.

    Thanks to all who have contributed for many, many years.

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    Thank you Ron for everything you've done here at BRF. If Alan does half of what you've accomplished here, it will continue to be a great success. Welcome Alan and I wish you the best.

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    Having started in boat racing in 1955 with the purchase of a new Mark 20-H and a "B" Speedliner I have a long history with the sport. When Ron offered the website to me, I of course was overjoyed with it. Ron has done a great job in keeping the site going and I want to continue with that effort. Hopefully we can see an increase in traffic on the website and preserve the rich history that is hosted here. I encourage all boat racers and enthusiasts to continue to utilize the site to share knowledge and information. Thank Ron for allowing me this operativity to continue this effort.

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    Ron, thanks for providing a boat racing forum all these years.

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    Thanks for building a really cool community Ron. A true champion of and for the sport! Congratulations Alan!

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    Wow! Been gone several weeks and what a surprise.

    It has been a great run for you Ron. Thanks for everything. Had it not been for Boatracingfacts, thousands of my pictures would still be where they were in 2003. Just doing nothing in my darkroom.

    Thanks to all the interest generated when Ray Yates was coaxed by Joe Rome to put on ONE MORE Lone Star Boat Racing Association reununion, you took time to come to Texas and participate. It exceeded all our wildest dreams and led to the beginning of the Reunions at DePue. Because of you and Ted March Ron, many, many former racers got reacquainted, and others like myself made a bunch of new boat racing friends. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for boat racing.

    And Alan, I wish you the best and will continue to help with history and photos where I can. I've never met you, but I hope that will change in the future. I can't drive long distances anymore, but I'm sure my friend Steve Wetherbee, whom you know, can haul me to any big races.

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