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Thread: Original KF-7 quicksilver gearcase?

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    Default Original KF-7 quicksilver gearcase?

    I found this gearcase for sale, it's a quicksilver but it seems to have been made to match to a standard fishing tower, I've heard that mercury made a few for the standard leg while making the KF-7 as a racing part before making the shorter midsections

    Could this be one of the original 1949/50 quicksilver gearcase's?
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    Try :

    There is a photo of a wall poster with a bunch of quicky prototypes that Mercury tried. I can't remember where I saw it but they cast and tested a bunch.
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    Sometimes early Engineering prototypes didn't work out and ended up in the scrap barrel[or a creative technician's lunch box].
    A thought from my old and forgotten Memories!

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    Default John's Old Mercury Bulletins: Russ Hill, Sr. Had them from 1949 til 1996

    My dad became a Mercury dealer around 1949, though he never had a retail shop, He got those bulletins all the time and kept them.

    He was Assistant Motor Inspector at the 1952 Stock Nationals in Oakland, California. One bulletin he had on hand said, "If it was the hand made Quickie, turn it in and they'd give you another. I guess they had quite a few on hand for exchanges. My dad announced at the driver's meeting that the hand cut one would not be legal.

    Several drivers figured Old Man Hill would know a new one from and old one. What they didn't know was man dad had received a new one from Mercury and he made very precision templates with perfect contours.

    He managed to disqualify Johnny Kovals from New Jersey, Jack Leek from Tacoma, Washington, and Alan Guerin from New York.

    I won't go deep into it, but Don Guerin was a Mercury Distributor and he vowed to get even with my dad. And he did, In 1960 he called me for jumping in D Runabout after 5 restarts. I won the first heat by 21 seconds. And was leading after every restart. Jack Leek, always laughed about it, as I worked with Jack for 12 years on the OMC race team.

    Bob Switzer never forgot my dad from 1952. Bobby had borrowed a "D" motor because his wasn't working. When he got to inspection they were going to toss him out as it was a KD-9 HD (or something).

    My dad pulled out a Mercury Bulleting that said there were 50 of the HD's and they were legal. Bobby won his first nationals Championship because of my dad. Somewhere on BRF, Bobby writes about that win.

    Here is a note from Bobby about the 1952 Stock Outboard Nationals where Bobby won DU.

    Friday, November 30, 2012 4:05 PM
    Dear Ron,

    We, you and I never got to know each other very well what with the distance we
    love apart.

    My introduction to the Hill name came from you dad inspecting my DU 'Stock outboard
    back in 1952. I had a borrowed engine from Milt Anderson out of the
    Jack Maypole racing camp. My Merc 25 was faltering from a cracked
    filter stone that was sucking air and causing my engine to sputter during
    my elimination heat where I was not pre-qualified from my Region 7 race
    because the engine was sputtering during that race too. I took it to Mercury
    and they called me a week later and said there is nothing wrong with it.

    So I took a chance and ran in the qualifying DU heat, to come in 5th place
    and that was all I needed to qualify to be in the finals. And when the guys
    from the Jack Maypole racing group saw that I was in first place at the start
    of that qualifying heat and heard the motor sputtering along falling back 1 place
    each lap, they offered me one of their spare power heads to use in the finals.

    I'll never forget, I had to run about 800 ft to the judges tent to change the
    serial number on my entry fee to match the borrowed engine, then run back
    to jump into my Switzer Craft DU Bullet. I made the finals and came in first
    place much to the dismay of the guy " Jiggs Jerson" from Neenha 'Wis who
    won the Region 7 race where I first experienced the sputtering problem.

    Now, to the good part of the name Hill. Your dad inspected my borrowed
    engine and questioned its configuration because it had 8 reeds instead of
    the usual 4 on the reed cage on the crank. Some of the inspectors wanted
    to disqualify me for the 8 reed cage. Then your dad, Russ Hill, came to my
    rescue by pulling out some Mercury factory spec sheet to learn that it was
    one of the only 50 made (to make it a legal engine) and only a selected few
    had... not me, since as you know I borrowed it from the Jack Maypole camp
    and he and Carl Kiekahfer were more than close friends.. Jack Maypole was
    one of the largest Johnson Outboard Dealers in the Chicagoland area. and
    stored Merc engines for Chet Todd the Mercury Distributor for IL;.

    Your dad told all the inspectors in the tent that my motor was a KG-9- HD

    I guess the HD was the symbol for the 50 made with the 8 reed cage.

    Any, while others were quick to disqualify me, your dad said: "Wait a minute"

    This could be one of those 50 HD's and it is a legal engine.

    What a great dad you had..

    I'll never forget him!

    Yours truly,

    Bob Switzer
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