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Thread: 2006 Mini Enduro: Blue Water Casino

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    Rod, Ron, and anyone else that is interested in discussing the Mini Enduro, I have a GNRA meeting at my shop on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. it should last about an hour maybe an hour and half but after that I would be willing to spend some time (an hour to an hour and a half) discussing the mini-enduro.
    My shop address is:
    7723 Somerset Blvd.
    Paramount, CA 90723
    phone # 562-633-6200
    or call me at 310-318-4012

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    Ross, I am out of town and cannot make the meeting. My only comment is, I don't want to see the mini boats "driving" the "300" Enduro. Racers running in the "300" are spending BIG BUCKS for this race. They deserve the very best in race conditions, trophy presentation, etc. to make it short, THEY DESERVE A QUALITY RACE in the same perspective as the old Parker Enduro, the INDIANAPOLIS OF BOAT RACING. With no offense meant to any one who has posted on this subject; running the two races together so that the mini-boats can watch the 300 Enduro on Saturday, then race on Sunday simply doesn't make quality sense! Too much can happen at a boat race and cramming doesn't cut it! Do not screw with last years success. Donot cram quantity for quality. If I am over-ruled on this one, and you decide to bring the mini boats in, let me make one final plea: Run the Parker 300 as if it was a stand-a-lone race. Start the boats on schedule, at 10:00 on Saturday morning. If all goes well, have an early evening "open bar" for the "300" crews followed by a sit-down dinner and an awards presentation. Sunday morning they can enjoy themselves. If it doesn't go well and Sunday is needed to run the "300", then use the same program as Saturday morning and start or re-start the "300" at 10:00. If at the end of all this, the mini boats have time to run their race, let'm go! I am currently working on a quality poster, a quality program and I will not continue working towards this end if we are not going to run a quality race for the "300" Enduro. I am not willing to take a chance that "all will go well" and "everything will work out"!
    I love the big boats and I love the small boats but running the two together is too much of a gamble for the sake of saving travel money or any other excuse for combining the two races on consecutive days. Rod Zapf

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    Rod, Thank you for your opinion. I have made a copy to use during the discussion (if anyone interested shows up). I too would like to not have "back to back" races but from an economical standpoint and the fact that I already have secured a CG permit for both days it makes sense. Nothing has been decided yet!

    Alternatively, maybe we plan this one correctly as a "stand alone" event for Early November 2007. As much as I would like to do it this year, I still have 8 races including the Enduro and the 60th Annual Thanksgiving Regatta complete with a parade through town, culminating in a "black tie" awards banquet on Saturday night. BTW, I had already requested the use of the banquet room for the BWRC '300' Enduro Trophy presentations on Saturday night.

    Let me know if anyone is going to show up on Sunday after the GNRA meeting otherwise I will make plans to do family stuff.



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    Default Helping Out...


    I work for a OFFICE distribution channel for copier and printer technologies (copier company). I often have access to B&W and COLOR copiers/printers. I can help out with the production of programs and flyers/posters. I will even be willing to purchase some of the media out of pocket if needed. Whatever we need to do to "save the sport".

    I am going to RACE in INDIO (FATC). I am also going to RACE the ENDURO. I will not be a big $$ racer, WE will be a grass roots team. I come from a boating/fishing family. We have been around MODVP in its heyday, always as a spectator. NOW we are going to RACE!! I am soliciting various sponsors so that I can run my personal lake boat in the PARKER 300. EVEN if I receive NO sponsor money, we will run my old MODVP with stock Merc OB in the ENDURO!!! I want to RACE, I was a patrol boat in the first race and it KILLED me, I was itching to chase everyone who went by me... this year WE will RACE... Ron Hill is being VERY GENEROUS and is going to give me the opportunity to race in INDIO/FATC. I hope that I can make a decent showing and get my own FATC to race the series ( or as many races as my personal $$ can allow)...

    I am not certain where the mini boats fit in the ENDURO, I just want to go RACING...

    see all of you that go to INDIO, and can't wait for the PARKER 300!!!

    Sid Castle "VISHUS RACING"

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    Default My Mind Is Working.....

    Since we have been making progress on our California C's, I keep thinking, maybe, just maybe, we should have a SMALL MINI ENDURO.

    Maybe more like an Antique Outboard Meet....and "Run What you Brung"..for one hour. maybe has some Nostalgia Inboards race, a few kneeldowns.

    Am I the only one that wants to see a GRASS ROOTS MINI ENDURO????

    Here were the rules???

    2006 Mini Enduro: Blue Water Casino
    I have been wanting to put on a GRASS ROOTS ENDURO for Mini Boats...I've wanted to do this for many years. Ross has agreed that he'll work with us to do it.

    Here's what I'm thinking.....Help me out all you want...

    1. Three Hours
    2. Two mile course
    3. 2 manitory ten minute pit stops
    4. No capsuled boats
    5. Red Zones like the Blue Casino 300 Enduro


    Division I

    Any Legal "C" Stock Runabout APBA.
    Mini GT (Tunnel with 25 HP, Aluminum prop)...
    Any vee, flat bottom wooden boat up to 44 cubic inch, shifter gearcase, kneel or sit down.
    Any Addictor, Schiada or Vee hull with up to 35 HP motor, any prop.

    Division II

    Legal Sport C

    Division III

    Fat C

    Division IV

    Any 3 cyclinder on a vee bottom hull

    Division V

    Super Light Tunnel: Legal APBA (What ever those rules are)...

    Any interest in running this Enduro the weekend before Thanksgiving, 2006???...You could stay around and race at the Annual Thanksgiving Regatta at Blue Water Casino...

    Give me feedback about the classes...this is just a rough plan...Start all the same time, each Division winner to get trophy and money...

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    I am still interested in racing my 10'er in this.. I'm a little dissapointed on the 35HP rule for the Schiada being that I will more then likely end up with another 40HP tohatsu, but I'm more in it for the "fun" and just getting out there and doing it.

    If this deal gets finalized please count me in (barring any major catastrophes in my life that would prevent me from finishing the boat in time, but all looks good so far)

    I talked to Lee & Stan at Schiada, and they said they would put together a 10'er and race as well.


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