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Thread: Weiandt/LeBanco/HRP Modified For Merc Exhausts

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    John (Taylor) Gabrowski

    Default Weiandt/LeBanco/HRP Modified For Merc Exhausts

    If there ever was smoothness in motion and in transfering soundwaves, this exhaust system is/was it. The filler block and side exhaust adapter plate are "Wienandt", the constant volume elbos matched to the exhaust and filler block are "LeBanco" and the aluminum exhaust bells are "HRP" (Harrison Racing Products) which ironically are the same dimensions as the original steel/welded bells but lighter. A fair number of Mod racers in different classes used LeBanco converging elbos as they were of constant area from start to finish dump to main exhaust afterward with very smooth transitions in shapes and areas from the filler block to converging elbo to pipe so those that were trying "expansion chamber tuned exhausts systems on deflector engines had a development friend with these elbos. There were seen on Merc 25SS Modifieds, some OMCs, some Merc 30 and 55H Modifieds but they were generally considered too small gas pressure and exchaust gas volume wise for use on anything larger than a Merc 30H where some bolted them to stock racing 30Hs and went Modified racing quite successfully initially in the late 1980s and erly 1990s. Enjoy the pictures of this really great flowing exhaust system.
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