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One of my favorite stories is the Stock Outboard Marathon National Championships. Now Freddie Miller had started the Stock Outboard Marathon National Championships concept. I loved old Freddie like a brother. We were close—there was never a subject that ever came up that we agreed on. We could disagree on anything. https://eldfall-chronicles.com/produ...soga-factions/ (Freddie Miller has done more for APBA Outboard Racing than any two guys I know)

Well Old Freddie started this Marathon Nationals concept in about 1963 and they held three successful Championships in 63, 64 and 65. I teased him about it being a Michigan State Championship, since all the races had been held in Michigan. So I got a rule through the APBA Council that said in essence that in order to be a “National” Championship, more than one state must host them.

And separately, I had Needles bid to make the Needles Marathon the “Nationals”. crypto poker freeroll The Commission had to go for it, there were no other states bids and Michigan couldn’t keep them.

I said we’d like to schedule the race for the last week of September, like the Needles Marathon had always been scheduled. The weather was nice then, generally less than 100 degrees. No, the Mid-West bloc said “we ALWAYS hold them in June.” I said, “OK”. I didn’t mention that the temperatures could be well in to the 120s at that time of year.

So, a lot of Mid-Westerners came to needles in June 1966 and learned what HOT meant.

I’ll go into some details about the race in my next BS
It's like a good old game of "agree to disagree.