Thread: In memory of racers no longer with us:

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    Default Dave Kober

    Dave Kober builder of the infamous Kober Kat outboards passed away at Lake Havasu this past week. 11/16/11

    Sorry to hear of his passing. He always had a smile on his face when I saw him.

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    Default Lance Faulkner - RIP 1969-2001

    Well it's been 10 years since the passing of Lance Faulkner! Hard believe that he is gone, he was such a talented driver, the best thing I remember about Lance was how he would stand up in the boat before a start and get the crowd going!

    Hope your still Racing in Peace, Lance!
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    Default Dave Wilson

    Dave Wilson
    Boat racing in general, Regions 10, 11 and 12 and
    Sport C drivers everywhere will sorely miss a dear
    friend, fierce competitor, and true sportsman. David
    Allen Wilson left our worldly waterways on August 27,
    2011 from his home in Paradise, California. With the
    same intensity Dave brought to every race course, he
    fought a long battle with his final adversary—cancer.
    Dave was born January 1, 1943 in Los Angeles, California.
    It was there in Region
    12 that he began his passionate
    pursuit of a pastime
    he loved. During the 1970s
    he raced C and D Stock
    Hydros. His son Allen and
    daughter Susan have fond
    memories of being part
    of his pit crew. This team
    learned the true meaning
    of precision, dedication and
    follow-through. Their pre-race routine included a very
    detailed checklist which had to be strictly adhered to.
    However, it was not enough to just get a visual on each
    item listed. One had to actually touch the item, and the
    other had to witness this action to verify the completion
    of the task. And woe be to her, him or them both if
    anything were omitted, misplaced or just plain skipped!
    Character-building at its best?
    Allen raced J and A Hydros very successfully as a
    youngster. Susan’s recollections are not quite so positive.
    She took out her boat; it promptly filled up with water
    and she immediately “retired”!
    David moved to Paradise in Northern California and
    joined the ranks of Region 11’s Sport C Gang. He rapidly
    became the guy to beat and garnered numerous titles,
    trophies, awards and championships. He competed
    regularly in Region 10 and even travelled to the OPC
    Nationals in Kankakee, Illinois. His proudest accomplishment
    was setting and holding the National Sport C Kilo
    record that has stood since 2007.
    Dave is survived by Allen and Susan and their spouses,
    all of Paradise CA; three grandchildren, and his loving
    companion Larissa, also of Paradise. He was a guiding
    mentor, supportive counselor, positive role model,
    spiritual leader, proud father and doting grandpa; but
    most of all, in the world of boat racing he was loved and
    admired as our friend! Godspeed and race in peace, Dave
    Wilson. We all miss you...
    —Gloria Crim and Frank Banducci

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    Default Bart Cromwell

    Rest in Peace, Bart Cromwell, GN 331

    Needless to say the past few days have been rough and my condolences go to Logan, June and the entire Cromwell Family during this difficult time.

    For those that didn't know him, one of nicest guys, great acerbic sense of humor, great lawyer (don't often get to say that!) and great boat racer! Bart wasn't just an SCSC board member for the past 11 years, he was a dear friend who will be sincerely missed by myself and the rest of our board and the entire racing community. He fought the good fight for a long time since the discovery of the melanoma that eventually took his life and always had a cheerful thought or downplayed the severity of his condition and was always grateful for the time he had with his family and his extended family (the boat racing community). On behalf of the Board of Directors for SCSC and RPM Racing Enterprises we will always miss him and hope he has eternal peace!

    Farewell my friend!

    Ross Wallach, Commodore SCSC/RPM Racing Ent.

    Bart is and was a great teacher and ambassadore of the sport. He gave me alot of lessons out on the water as well as encouragemant for and with my fight with cancer also. I will miss him deeply.

    Jim Rich

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    Just read through this entire post, and saw names of many friends.

    Here are several more racers that were in one way or another part of my life, and no longer with us.

    Jim Hauenstein

    Jim Merten Sr.

    Burt Ross Jr.

    Andy Wiggers

    Tom Sikes

    Phil O'Berry

    Randy Tilton

    Peter Inward (UK)

    Rest in peace guys.

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    Default Paul Breed 1930-2012

    I first met Paul in 1956 when we were racing on TV with Speedboat Rodeo. He was in the Coast Guard then. Later he and his son made a computerize speedometer. Sorry to hear of his passing. Paul was a real gentleman!

    From Sunny Breed:

    My beloved husband, Paul, passed away Saturday, February 25, 2012, after a long illness. For some time he had suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and for the last year from metastatic prostate cancer. His suffering is now over but he is very much missed by all of us who loved him.
    Sunny Breed

    Paul Hobart Breed, CDR USCG (Ret.)
    1930 - 2012

    Paul H. Breed was an outstanding pilot, successful entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman. He graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy, US Navy flight training for both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft and several aircraft maintenance programs with the US Navy and Air Force. His Coast Guard career encompassed navigation support in the Philippines, search and rescue in Alaska and executive transportation in Washington, DC, where he flew cabinet officers and CG top commanders around the world in the Coast Guard's first executive jet.

    Paul was awarded the US Coast Guard’s Distinguished Flying Cross and two Air Medals for rescues performed in Alaska during his career as a search and rescue pilot. He also earned the Coast Guard Commendation Medal and a Unit Commendation for his command of the Coast Guard Air Station at Washington National Airport and another Unit Commendation for his command at CGAS Annette Island, Alaska.

    After retiring from the Coast Guard, Paul founded an air taxi service in Klawock, Alaska. He merged it with a larger air service in Ketchikan to form SouthEast Alaska (SEA) Airlines, which he grew to 20 aircraft providing passenger, freight and mail service to island communities in the Ketchikan area and scheduled service to the other cities in Southeast Alaska. After selling SEA Airlines, Paul and his family moved to Long Beach, CA, where Paul became a real estate appraiser and later a commodities broker.

    Paul was an expert marksman all his life. He served as captain of the rifle team at the Coast Guard Academy, later on the All-Coast Guard Rifle Team. More recently he was a champion trap shooter. Early in his life he was also an avid hunter and fisherman. Whenever he lived where he could pursue his passion for racing, he designed and built small wooden hydroplanes. His designs were always leading-edge and consistently won races. Friends loved to hear him tell of his adventures in flying, hunting and racing.

    In his later years, Paul suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. That disease robbed him of his memories but it never took his sense of humor. He continued to find humor in life, to be gracious to everyone around him and to appreciate all that was done for him.

    His first wife, Betty W. Breed, predeceased him and he is survived by his second wife of 32 years, Sunny, his son Paul, daughter-in-law Mariellen, grandson Paul and wife Jawon, and his brother, RADM Alan Breed and wife Jan. A graveside service and burial with full military honors will be at Arlington National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the USCGA Alumni Association or to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

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    Default Duane Wallick

    On a whim I phoned Jeff Wallick last night to see how he and his family were doing, and he informed me that his dad, Duane, passed away last summer of old age and Altzheimers.

    Duane Wallick, a USPS employee living in east Bellevue, WA, was one of the stalwarts of Seattle Outboard Association racing in the '60s and '70s. I think he started in B Stock Hydro in the late '50s, but by the time I got into the game in '65, Duane was a dedicated A and B alky guy. He was among the early purchasers of the first Quincy loop motors at that time, running them on a 10' 3'' Karelsen; he also ran an A Anzani some of the time, and picked up a Harrison B engine that he ran on a big heavy Belle-Craft, the first of two or three of those boats that made it up here. Duane and his family never failed to show up at any Region 10 race to battle it out on the course with John Meyers, Bob Luke, Barry Lewis, Dick Moen, Gerry Walin, Ron Anderson, Steve and Dave Johnson, Ron Magnusson, Roger Wendt, and the other A/B regulars of the era. He brought his two boys, Jeff and Sammy, up through the J and A Stock classes, and Sam stayed with it enough to become a particularly good 250cc driver. Wife Barb always pitched in to help with registration and scoring.

    Duane became a particular pal of mine, and gave me a good tip when I was still real green. I was trying his little Karelsen with my old A Konig on it one day at Long Lake on the Olympic Penninsula, a fine race site that we lost a long time ago. It was pretty rough that day or so I thought, and it wasn't my boat so I was trying to gingerly pick my way through the slop. I came in and told Duane that my knees and the boat were taking a beating, and he explained that you can't pick your way through the chop, you have to fly the boat over the top. I went back out and cranked 'er on, with some trepidation, and what do you know, I got a whole lot smoother ride (and faster!).

    We had some good times over the years, plus the usual mishaps. Barb tells the story of her car (Duane was partial to big mid-'50s Chryslers and DeSotos) being very low on gas one day with Duane gone somewhere, so she poured some of his race fuel (methanol/castor oil/20% nitro) into the tank of the truck so she could drive it to the gas station. She laughed at the expressions on the faces of the fellows working in the station's garage when they got a whiff of the exotic smells coming out of the tailpipe of her Chrysler!!

    Duane Wallick was a quiet, polite, well-mannered, self-effacing man who loved the whole outboard racing scene and made friendly acquaintances with racers across the country. I'm glad that he is no longer suffering, but sorry he is gone.

    --Phil Smith

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    Default Charley Redman

    This past weekend at the Mod. Winter Nat's I learned that Charley Redman has died. Many will remember Charley as a Pro driver, he set the D Hydro Kilo record at 99 mph in apba in the mid 60's an the NOA D Hydro record at 103 mph in the 60's. He was the first person that i knew that was in the Evinrude 100 mph club.. He won the NOA D Hydro World Championship's around this time also. I am sure he did more that i don't know of,He also promoted a lot of NOA races.

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    I remember Charley. Sorry to hear of his passing. The first time I saw him was at the North South Championships in Knoxville in 1966. He may have set one of his records the following Monday. In 1965 he set a D hydro record at Savanna, Goergia at 96.257. I remember him as being one of the top drivers of those days in which there were many big guns.

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    Default Lowell Schumacher

    I had a phone call from Todd Brinkman earlier today about the death of Lowell Schumacher, who built an large number of record setting and national championship winning boats, starting in the 70's and to the present time.

    Among many others who drove his boats to records and championships was Dan Kirts. Lowell passed away earlier today in Wisconsin, while attending a USTS race being held there this weekend.

    I do not have any more details, but am sure they will be forthcoming soon.

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