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Thread: 2008 Blue Water Resort and Casino 300 Enduro Rules

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    Default 2008 Blue Water Resort and Casino 300 Enduro Rules

    2008 BWRC '300' Enduro Official Rules


    OCTOBER 25, 2008 (Saturday)

    Blow out date Sunday October 26, 2008

    1803 Morgan Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    (310) 318-4012


    REGISTRATION: Pits shall be assigned by postmark date of entry.
    The earlier the registration is received the better the pit assignment. Money must accompany registration. Starting positions within divisions may also be assigned by post mark date. All boats must be registered and properly inspected by Friday prior to the race on Saturday.

    Entry Fee for the BWRC 300 ENDURO is $300.00 and must be postmarked by September 30, 2008. All entries postmarked after September 30, 2008 shall be $350.00. All entries and checks must be made payable and must be sent to:

    RPM Racing Enterprises
    1803 Morgan Lane
    Redondo Beach, Ca. 90278

    Note: The entry blank must be filled out completely and the check must specify driver’s racing division and boat number.
    Checks will only be refunded in the event of cancellation. Once received, all money becomes non-refundable and property of RPM Racing Ent. Entry Blanks may be found on APBA website.

    APBA MEMBERSHIP: contestants must be APBA members. A one day membership can be obtained for about $50.00 and will provide SECONDARY INSURANCE ONLY!

    PERSONAL INSURANCE: It is recommended that all competitors have their own primary medical insurance in addition to the insurance provided by APBA.

    SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All HELMETS and LIFEJACKETS must meet APBA standards (eg. Ski-type life jackets will not be acceptable). Each pit shall have one 40BC FIRE EXTINGUISHER fully charged and readily available. All boats shall have a 20 foot TOW LINE attached to the bow. All boats shall have a PADDLE secured safely inside the cockpit. Auxiliary FUEL tanks, added to the boat, must be properly secured and will be subject to inspection. All boats must be equipped with a THROTTLE return device (bungees on the hand throttle will be an acceptable return device). All boats must be equipped with a KILL SWITCH, automatically actuated should the driver unintentionally leave the seat of the boat.

    COMPETING BOATS shall be of a “production type” as judged by the race committee. There shall be no “full race” type boats such as SST, Formula, Mod U, Champboat, Inboard Hydroplane etc. or classes requiring capsules included in any of the Divisions. All boats shall have identification NUMBERS, not to exceed 3 digits, attached firmly and in a manner that can be seen from either side of the boat., The numbers must be at least 12 inches in height, in contrasting colors and legible. In case of duplicated numbers, the earliest posted entry fee shall have the right to “the number” and the later entry shall be required to change numbers.

    DRIVERS must be 18 years of age or older. A competing boat may have as many drivers as desired. All driver changes only may be completed at either ramp under the supervision of a race official. Drivers may drive more than one boat, however the driver must commit to that boat prior to final registration/drivers meeting and must let the judges stand/chief scorer know when changing boats during the event.


    LENGTH OF BOAT: Shall be measured from bow to transom. Maximum length shall be 24 feet.

    BOAT WEIGHT: Boats shall be weighed “dry” without driver and fuel. If fuel is in boat it will be “weighed” at 6.7 lbs per gallon.

    Note: A minimum speed of 50 mph (not average speed) is required to participate in this event. If you break or have a problem during the race and were above the 50 mph speed prior to breaking/problem, you may be able to continue running, at the discretion of the race comittee and or Chief Referee but must stay to the prescribe lane (inside or outside) for safety.[/i]


    DIVISION I: (A) Outboards (B) Crackerboxes & Jersey Speed Skiffs (C) Inboards (D) Jet Boats

    ***START TIME: 0 PLUS 0 MINUTES - -10:00 A.M.

    1. Any V-4 (99 cu. In. or less) or inline 6 cyl engine
    2. Boat: Minimum length 16’. Boat may be a flat bottom, V-Bottom, Mod VP or Tri-hull.
    3. Weight: (dry) 1100 lbs minimum
    4. Drive: shifter type with working fwd, neutral & rev. Either Club type (round nose with water intake approximately 5 inches above prop shaft & on the drive shaft housing ) or Pointy Nose (as in CLE/nose cone type etc.) lower units shall be permitted. The Club type, round nose lower units must be left completely stock except for the water inlet holes which may be plugged as desired. Metal may not be added nor removed (as in tracks/tunnels/deflectors or ears) to assist water travel to the water inlet holes. Blow-out rings may be used. The Pointy nose units may not run the center of their prop shaft higher than 2 inch below the planing surface of the boat with the shaft parallel to that planing surface at time of measurement and shall remain there through out the race. Engine Jacks shall be disabled and sealed for the duration of the race. (see exception for Division III outboards which may run the center of their drive shaft 1 inch below the planing surface of the boat.)


    1. ENGINE:
    a. Any four (4) or six (6) cylinder engine equipped with a two (2) or four (4) barrel carburetor.
    b. Any small block eight (8) cylinder engine of less than 400 cubic inches may be run, however it must be equipped with a two (2) barrel OEM carburetor only. If the OEM carburetor is not available, a 2300 Series Holley may be used in place of the OEM two (2) barrel carburetor. Engine must be equipped with cast iron heads only as produced by the manufacturer for vehicle or marine use, and must run only gasoline.
    c. Any non-production engine not in its original configuration will be evaluated by the rules committee and may be assigned to a more suitable Division in an effort to maintain parity.
    2. BOAT: minimum length 15’, flat bottom, V-Bottom, or Tri-hull.
    3. WEIGHT: unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: straight shaft, V-drive or I/O with working fwd, neut., & rev.

    1. ENGINE: unrestricted
    2. BOAT: minimum length 16 ft., any type bottom
    3. WEIGHT: unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: must be equipped with a rudder that extends a minimum of four (4) inches below the bottom of the jet nozzle and has a minimum surface area of sixteen (16) square inches. Jet-O-vator types adjustable nozzles may be used but must be limited to 5 degrees above the planing surface of the boat and shall remain in the full down position at all times when operating in or near pit row. Upon departure from pit row, the nozzle shall remain in the full down position until safely on the race course. (safety item: violation subject to disqualification.)

    Division II: Inboard V-Drive ( A) Gas Powered (B) Diesel

    ***START TIME: 0 PLUS 10 MINUTES -- 10:10 A.M.

    1. ENGINE: 525 max. cu. in. , naturally aspirated
    2. BOAT: Minimum length 17 ft., V-Bottom, or Flat Bottom
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: V-Drive only

    1. ENGINE: Diesel powered only (may be turbo/super
    2. BOAT: Minimum length 17ft., V-Bottom, or Flat Bottom
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. Drive: V-Drive only 18’ with a V or mod. V bottom

    DIVISION III: (A) Outboards (B) Inboard Endurance Tunnels (C) I/O’s

    ***START TIME: 0 PLUS 15 MINUTES -- 10:15 A.M.

    1. Engine:
    a. Maximum displacement of 125 cu. (engines may not be modified to reduce their displacement in order to comply with this rule.)
    b. All engines must be naturally aspirated and of a standard production design. Maximum Carburetor size of 1-5/16 inches measured at the venturi. Ports may be modified but shall remain in their original location.
    Additional ports may not be added to any cylinder. Finger porting is prohibited.
    “Behind the liner” and Bridgeport exhaust engines may be run in Div. III with 1 inch venturi carburetors.
    V-4 and in line 6 cylinder engines (hereafter referred to as ALTERNATE engines) shall be exempt from all of the above rules except for the 125 cu. in. maximum rule.
    c. Mercury/Mariner V-6 engines shall have a cylinder head volume of no less than 26 cc’s. Blocks and pistons may not be modified in any manner so as to increase the compression ratio. Alternate engines may use any cylinder head/piston configuration.
    d. All critical or performance related parts/components installed on V-6 engines (except pistons, rings, bearings, reeds, replacement electronics and sealing components) shall be OEM parts. Parts may be exchanged from other years or HP models as long as they are OEM. Alternate engines may use components from any source.
    e. No EFI engines.
    f. Unless specifically forbidden in above rules, engines may be modified in any way.

    2. Boat: Minimum length 17’ 9” with a V, Flat Bottom or Modified V Bottom and open cockpit. No true tunnels.

    3. Weight: Minimum dry weight of 1250 lbs.
    a. Ballast added to boats shall be securely anchored in a manner to prevent it from detaching while underway. No single piece of ballast shall weigh more than 50 lbs. Boats adding more than 40 lbs. shall be required to attach the ballast a minimum of 3 feet forward of the inside of the transom.
    b. Any combination of batteries in excess of 120 lbs shall be considered ballast.

    4. Drive: Lower unit as describe in 1. A. 4. except pointy nose units must be run with the center of the prop shaft parallel to and at least 1 inch below the planing surface of the boat.
    a. V-6 lower units must measure at least 4 ½ inches in diameter just forward of the propeller. (alternate engines as described in A.1.b. are exempt from this rule but must comply with Div.I.A.4.

    B. INBOARD ENDURANCE TUNNELS Endurance boats who have run in past Parker “300” races will be grandfathered into Division III for year of 2008 only—all other inboard Endurance Tunnels shall revert to Division V.
    1. ENGINE: Small block
    2. BOAT: minimum length 18’ (tunnel or tunnel type).
    3. WEIGHT: unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: straight drive or V-drive

    1. ENGINE: Any naturally aspirated small block engine.
    2. BOAT: Flat, V-bottom, minimum length 18ft.
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: Out drive with lower unit as described in DIV.I.A.4. Center of prop shaft may be no higher than 2 in. below the planing surface of the bottom.

    DIVISION IV: (A) V-Bottom Ski Boats OUTBOARD (B) I/O’s (C) Inboard V-Drive

    ***START TIME: 0 PLUS 30 MINUTES -- 10:30 A.M.

    1. ENGINE: Any outboard engine
    2. BOAT: V-Bottom. Minimum length 19ft. (hull must comply with ALL ski boat rules.
    3. WEIGHT: Weight (dry) 1500 lbs. minimum
    4. DRIVE: In accordance with DIV. 1.A.4. EXCEPT: center of prop shaft may be set no higher than the bottom of the planing surface of the boat. (BOATS THAT HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY QUALIFIED IN SKI BOAT RACES MUST COMPLY WITH DIV.1.A.4.)

    1. ENGINE: Any small block, naturally aspirated engine
    2. BOAT: Mod. V Bottom. Min. length 19’ max length 24’
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: In accordance with DIV.1.A.4.

    1. ENGINE: 600 cu. in. maximum, naturally aspirated
    2. BOAT: V-Bottom, maximum length 24’
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: V-drive only

    DIVISION V: Unlimited Single Engine Inboard boats


    1. ENGINE: Unrestricted
    2. BOAT: Flat Bottom, Vee-Bottom, Mod. V Bottom (Min length 16” eg. KRR Max length 24’)
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: unrestricted except I/O’s must comply with rule DIV.1.A.4.

    DIVISION VI: (A) Single and Multi Engine Outboards (B) Multi-Engine Inboards (C) Turbines


    1. ENGINES: Unrestricted
    2. BOAT: Minimum length 19’, Maximum length 24’
    3. WEIGHT: Single engine dry weight (1500 lbs.)Multi-engine weight (2000 lbs.)
    4. DRIVE: must comply with rule DIV.1.A.4.

    1. ENGINES: Unrestricted Reciprocating Engines
    2. BOAT: Unrestricted (maximum length 24’)
    3. WEIGHT: Unrestricted
    4. DRIVE: unrestricted except I/O’s must comply with rule DIV.1.A.4.

    C. TURBINES: Turbine entries shall consult with rules chairman well in advance of the race for further instructions concerning jet fuel controls etc. Turbines will be restricted so that their speeds are in parity with Div. VI.

    DRY WEIGHT: Weight of boat and engine, less driver and fuel.
    JACKS: An engine lifting device used to raise and lower the engine.
    I/O: A drive unit located outside of the transom of a boat, driven by an engine located inside the boat.

    NOTE: all turbine entries shall consult with rules chairman well in advance of the race for further instructions concerning jet fuel controls etc. Turbines will be restricted so that their speeds are in parity with Division VI.

    START TIMES: Handicap start times are based on the top speeds the particular Divisions are expected to run. Boats that are able to run the predicted speeds should be able to finish the race (300 miles) around 2:00 barring accidents or late starts. (2006 race ran as predicted with winning boat finishing at about 2:10.):


    RACE COURSE: The race course shall consist of sixty (60) laps of an approximately five (5) mile course with three (3) buoy turns at either end. (Due to the width of the Colorado River, expect the North turn to be rather tight. This should be a consideration when preparing your boat for the race.) The start of the race will be at the Bluewater Casino, running up river to a point past Badenoch’s. There will be an entrance to pit lane/ row running the length of the pits and beyond which all boats shall enter and exit “off plane” making MINIMUM WAKE (approximately 5 mph).

    RED ZONES: There shall be two (2) RED ZONES on the course. One has to do with an area around each competing boat, the second has to do with the turn buoys, pit lane, entrance and exit.

    A. BOATS: Each boat shall have a “red zone” established around it when on the course. The “red zone” shall be an area of one hundred (100) in front, one hundred feet behind, & twenty (20’) on either side. (A passing boat may not enter the “red zone” of a competing boat).

    B. Turn Buoys: The red zone with regard to turn buoys shall be one hundred (100) feet prior to the turn, continuing through the entire turn, until one hundred feet past the exit buoy. All competing boats shall establish a lane prior to entering the red zone (established one hundred feet prior to the entrance buoy) and shall maintain that lane until exiting the red zone, one hundred feet past the exit buoy. EG. If you enter the red zone of a turn, in lane five (5) you must control the speed of your boat so that you remain in lane five throughout the red zone associated with the turn.


    LANES: A lane shall be considered to be 20 foot wide in accordance with the dimensions of the “RED ZONE”. A passing boat shall be responsible for establishing the clearance, and remaining out of the red zone of the boat being passed. The boat being passed shall maintain a steady course in his/her established lane . The turn within the red zone shall be made in a “gentlemanly manner” and all boats shall control their speed so that they can maintain their lane around all of the buoys.

    The referee shall be the final authority on reported lane changes within the red zones

    PENALTY BOX: An area that a competitor who has been black flagged for a violation of the rules shall proceed to and remain for a period of time established at the time of the violation. The penalty box shall be in the vicinity of the judges stand as designated by the referee. No maintenance, including re-fueling shall be done while the boat is in the penalty box. A driver change while in the penalty box shall be permissible.

    FIELD: A minimum of four (4) boats shall be considered a “field”. If there are less than 4 boats registered for a division start, the required “field” shall not be met and boats will automatically be placed in the next division, forfeiting their start/handicap time.

    PIT STOPS: There shall be two (2) mandatory pit stops of at least ten (10) minutes each. All pit stops shall require trailering of the boat at the out ramp, proceeding to the assigned pit area for refueling/maintenance, the boats shall then be allowed to go to the launch ramp.

    PIT LANE/ROW: Boats entering the designated pit lane shall slow to a no wake condition (approximately 5 mph). Boats traveling in excess of the pit lane speed may be “docked” one lap or assigned to the penalty box depending upon the magnitude of the violation.


    An area assigned by the Race Chairman, based on the date the entry fee is received. This is the only area the boat may be fueled or maintenance performed. NO SMOKING/ALCOHOL IN PIT AREA!

    FUELING: Fueling may be performed using approved overhead fueling rigs with double safety valves, one at the fueling tank and one at the nozzle. The fueling nozzle shall be of the gas station type with a maximum of one inch opening. All fueling rigs must be properly grounded. NO SMOKING IN PIT AREA

    ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS must have a shut off valve at the nozzle and must be properly grounded.
    HAND OPERATED pumps may pump directly into the tank with no nozzle required.

    FUEL SPILLS: each team is responsible and must clean up any fuel spills immediately. There shall be appropriate equipment for fuel clean-up in each pit.

    FIRE EXTINGUISHER: One 40 BC fire extinguisher shall be required in each pit and shall be manned during all fueling operations.


    DIVISION I: (ASSUMING A FIELD OF AT LEAST FOUR (4) BOATS) (If there is not a “field”, Division I shall join Division II and all starts shall be adjusted accordingly). The first start shall be of a modified LeMans start. One or more holders per boat shall be responsible for holding the boat in a proper position parallel to the other boats on the starting line. Upon receiving the start signal these drivers should start their engines, accelerating and angling out to the center of the race course.

    DIVISIONS II THROUGH VI ( assuming division I and II have not been combined.) shall start their engines upon a “start” signal from the officials stand and will proceed in a orderly manner down pit row. Once clear of pit lane, the boats may accelerate unto the course remaining clear of all boats that have been previously started and are already on the course.

    FINISH: The first boat to complete sixty (60) laps shall be declared the overall winner. All boats following the winner shall be allowed to complete the lap they are on when the checkered flag is given to the winning boat. (eg. A boat in front of the boat receiving the checkered flag shall be allowed to complete the lap and will be scored for that lap. A boat behind the boat receiving the checkered flag will be scored as he crosses the finish line and may not continue in the race. ) Simply stated, every competitor that crosses the finish line while the checkered flag is flying will be finished racing and will be scored for laps completed! A Boat on the course has 15 minutes to finish the race after the checkered flag has been flown (to be scored for that lap). If a boat is not running at the end of the race, the boat will be scored on laps completed. It is not necessary for a boat to be running in order to be scored.

    THE PARKER 300 shall be considered finished when the first boat has completed 60 laps, or after 6 hours and 30 minutes after the first start, at which time all boats shall be scored based on laps completed at time of race stoppage.

    RE-STARTS: All restarts shall be modified Le Mans starts with positions based on laps completed at time of race stoppage.

    RACE STOPPAGE: If the race must be stopped due to weather or circumstances beyond the control of the Race Committee, the ENDURO will be considered complete and a winner shall be declared if there has been at least five (5) hours of racing after the start of the first class. If there is a stoppage prior to five hours, an attempt to complete the race will be made on Sunday. All boats competing in the re-start shall receive front start positions based on laps completed at time of race stoppage. The restart shall be of a modified Le Mans start.
    NON-CONTINUANCE: If for any reason the race cannot be completed over the week-end, Division Winners will be declared based on laps completed. There will be no OVERALL winner. Trophies and monies shall be adjusted accordingly.

    SCORERS: Each competing boat shall provide at least one (1) scorer per boat at their own expense.
    INFACTIONS: Depending upon the severity of the infraction committed by the Driver, Member of the Pit Crew, or immediate Associates (friends/relatives etc) of the team involved, the boat shall be black flagged and assigned to the penalty box or disqualified. If a driver ignores the Black Flag, scoring for that boat shall stop immediately and the penalty shall be “served” at the next pit stop. An additional penalty may be assessed at this time.

    JUDGES: Shall be placed in every patrol/safety boat and shall be responsible for reporting all violations to the Chief Referee who shall, in conjunction with the Race Committee reach a rapid decision as to the severity of the violation. The violator shall be black flagged, assigned to the penalty box or receive a loss of laps already completed.

    PATROL/SAFETY BOATS: shall be equipped with flags and upon receipt of orders from the Chief Referee shall attempt to fly the appropriate flag.

    NOTE: There is no further need to express our desire for a SAFE RACE! This race will not be won in the first turn, nor will it be won by a “hairy pass” violating any of the RED ZONES. The OFFICIALS would like to remind you that they will do everything to keep you legal but have no choice in the matter should a driver or team exhibit unsafe/unsportsmanlike practices while on or off the course. Our theme of “LET NO BOAT BE LEFT BEHIND” and THE PARKER “300” will continue as long as we can keep it FUN & SAFE!



    Race Chairman: Ross Wallach

    Please refer technical questions to Ross Wallach or Rod Zapf

    RACE CHAIRMAN: ROSS WALLACH (310) 704-3243
    TECH COMMITTEE: TED KOLBY (310) 413-4301
    RULES SUBMITTED 3/5/08- updated 5/13/08

    Attached ImagesAPBA ENTRY BLANK 2006.pdf (78.0 KB, 74 views)
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    Default parker

    I had a Q from a buddy with an allison, that does not hold enough fuel for an hour for the 2 pitstop rule. (9gal tank...from drag racing stuff)
    He wanted to know if he could pit more, but without the 10 min penalty/mandatory time.
    I said no...but then thought I would ask.
    He really doesnt want to "cobble up" his boat...
    I think I have him convinced to run the 2.0L class.
    If he out, those boats are fast, IF he can drive it.


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    Default Impulse...Get a $25 Plastic Gas Tank!!!!

    The Blue Resort and Casino 300 which has been run successfully the last three years, (Four races) was conceptualized as a "FUN RUN" with no boat left behind.

    Rod Zapf took a page from his boat racing days in Key West (While in the Navy there) and his sailboat racing at King Harbor Yacht Club and wrote rules for every kind of boat, under 24 feet we could think might want to RACE. Rod made up the handicaps based on his knowledge and data from each race.

    The handicaps have worked well, as just about every Division think they can win over all.

    That is the race's background.

    Safety was NUMBER ONE in everyone's mind..

    Hench the red zones for passing, no fueling in the water (Two reasons: Keep the river clean and not to rush the pit stops.)

    10 Minutes, we thought would give people time to fuel, rest the driver and check equipment for safety. This year it was voted to have 15 minute pit stops because the launch ramps got so congested.

    You come into the pits on ramp "A" and leave the pits on ramp "B"...It takes 5-10 minutes to get from ramp "A" to "B". So, for safety we voted all pit stops are ten minutes, maybe 15 this year. We didn't want someone to break a blade, and make a "QUICK" stop to change props....Or make a "SPLASH and Go" stop for fuel.

    This races is designed for fun, plan accordingly!

    Roger Carr, Region 12 Chairman and one of the inspectors at the Enduro, followed our boat to the pits, as he knew the boat was taking on water. I know Roger respects the Hill Racing Team, but he also knew it was his job to enforce safety. He looked at the boat and said, "Don't try to run it."

    He words made our work easy...We didn't try to fix the hole!

    Put a plastic gas tank in that Allison and run an hour...

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    Default tank

    already told him all that, I was just checking to see if the web worked.
    he is moaning about the tank.. but loves the idea nobody can"scratch his boat" cause of the red zones...I have about 3 hrs into the fight of this fish, but I think I'm about to haul her in...he cant take the taunting.
    His ego wont let him NOT show his stuff.
    He thinks he is gods gift to Vbottom boats, and I want him to put up or shut up.
    He has been talking with a bunch of buddies that taunt him too.


    Now lets see what else I can stir up...HA!

    OH on the 15 min pit...why not make it a half hour...thatway I can get a full nap in?
    I can fuel by syphoning out of your boat.
    I can get a pizza delivered in less or its free..I'm ordering for the entire pit!

    Just kidding (kinda), but maybe we can come up with a better way than the 15 min...after all if you remember back when it was my idea for the 10 min pit stop I am on board with all the above.

    BTW, I think that "another" one of the pro series race teams is gonna call it quits from the series, and he thinks 2 races per year and Parker may jsut be enough to keep the junk in the veins.
    Tired of the political fight, he is not having enough fun.

    maybe we should think of more parker type marathons in other areas than just there?

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