Here's a few yachting related talk that i'd like share with you.

It has just been a few days that I have started taking interest in yachting. I have been going through several yacht related sites for the last few days.

Maximizing your time at sea with no limitations on where you go and how long you can stay has always been a challenge for anyone who has gone to sea in their own yacht.

Now a days there has been a growing trend among yacht owners, sportfisherman, and boating enthusiasts to travel further offshore in search of new waters and greater offshore adventure.

From Cairns to Catalina – the pursuit of game fish is intricately woven into the fabric and lore of famous game fishing clubs around the world. Many of the most exclusive and notable clubs have existed for over a century supporting members from generation to generation passing down club catch data as a form of inheritance. On a local level, the gamefish club archive represents the heartbeat of a community’s pastime and transcribes the health of its surrounding ocean.